Weight management

Convex World Full Staff Information?

Abby (CV: Little N)

dr. abbys weight management clinic

Birthday: March 2

Hobbies: Observing Handsome Guys

Constellation: Pisces

Age: 13

Food: Bitter Melon Milk Tea

Blood Type: O Type

Height: 127cm

Weight: 35kg

Special ability is [Angel Archer]

From the tortoiseshell star, Amy’s sister, nicknamed Sister Dumb Hair. It is said that she wants to find “the most dragging boyfriend in the world” in the bump contest, and forcibly pulls her younger brother to participate. Although it gives people a worrying feeling of IQ, she will not be bored with her. It is a pistachio that can make the atmosphere relaxed and happy.

“Amy -”

Amy (CV: A Well)

Birthday: March 2

Hobbies: Doing Housework

Constellation: Pisces

Age: 13

Food: Mango

Blood Type: O

Height: 145cm

Weight: Eighty-five. 2Kg

The special ability is [Devil’s Hand]

from the tortoiseshell star, Abby’s younger brother, nicknamed Dumb Hair, had to follow the competition because of his sister’s unreasonable behavior. I have been grumbled by my sister all year round, but once my sister really has a big problem, Amy always takes the initiative to lie down and shoot without hesitation, treating herself as my sister’s guardian, and hates being treated as a child.

“You are a good person.”

Ghost Fox Tianchong (CV: Yanagawa Fish)

Birthday: 612

Hobbies: Playing with animals

Constellation: Gemini

Age: 18

Food: Chicken

Blood Type: AB

Height: 169cm

Weight: 70kg

Special ability is the leader of the largest contestant group “Ghost Heaven Alliance” in the preliminary round of the [Mirror Space]

Convex Competition. The Ghost Fox family is known as the most intelligent family in the universe, and Ghost Fox Tianchong is one of the leaders Not only is he good at planning the layout, but he is also articulate, good at bewitching others, likes to treat himself as a chess player, and regards others as pawns. When he needs to abandon children, he is ruthless and ruthless.

“The strong have no mercy, the weak lose everything, this is my bump contest!”

Kelly (CV: A Well)

Birthday: 1024

Hobbies: Sweets, cute food

Constellation: Scorpio

Age: 15

Food: Lollipops, all kinds of sweets

Blood type: O

Height: 156cm

Weight: 41kg

Special ability is [Star and Moon Blade]

I don’t know where it came from, just for fun. Kelly’s experience since childhood has taught her the importance of strength, and she has a natural understanding of combat. I like to solve everything with violence. She is the famous “Star-Moon Witch” in the bump competition, a girl who combines cuteness and devilishness

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