Weight management

Container stacking site requirements?

The requirements are as follows

waste management weight limit for large yard debris

1. 20-foot containers cannot be stacked on top of 40-foot and 45-foot containers.

2. Heavy boxes and empty boxes should be stacked in separate field areas.

3. Import boxes, export boxes, and transit boxes should be stacked in separate field areas.

4. Ordinary boxes, refrigerated boxes, and dangerous goods boxes should be stacked in separate field areas.

5. The stacking height of heavy boxes should be calculated according to the rated load of the yard. The total weight of boxes on the same box position cannot exceed the rated load.

6. Import and export heavy boxes should be stacked centrally according to the ship name, voyage, bill of lading number, etc.

7. In addition to stacking export heavy boxes according to the ship name, the weight and destination port should also be considered.

8. Empty boxes should be stacked according to different companies and different box types, and intact boxes and defaced boxes should be stacked separately.

National standard for container stacking?

The framework of the national standard system for container stacking includes basic standard layer, service standard layer, technical standard layer, product standard layer and related standard layer. These levels include terminology and symbols, classification and coding, identification and marking, transportation management standards, information service standards, transportation safety standards, environmental protection and energy saving standards, maintenance and quality evaluation standards, production process standards, operation method standards, inspection test standards, as well as container standards, transportation auxiliary equipment standards, materials and accessories standards, etc.

In addition, there are standards for specific types of containers, such as “Series 2 Container Classification, Size and Rating Mass”, and the “Code for the Design of Dangerous Goods Container Yards in Ports” designed specifically for dangerous goods container yards.

These standards are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of containers, while also helping to improve transportation efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

How much site do 10,000 cubic meters of sand need to be stored?

The general requirements for building sand are 1350-1600kg/M3, from which it can be quickly calculated that the weight of one side (ie one cubic meter) of sand is about 1.35-1.60 tons. So one cubic meter of sand is about 1500KG. If you use a general fertilizer bag, one bag can hold about 50KG and can hold 30 bags. If you use a cement bag, one bag can hold about 35KG and can hold about 40 bags.

10,000 cubic meters of sand, if it can hold 50 kilograms of fertilizer bags, 30 bags per side calculate 10,000 cubic meters: 10000×30 = 300,000 bags

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