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Common abbreviation of food English units?

KJ is kilojoule, which is the unit of heat and work in the international unit. KJ is a unit of heat (abbreviated as joule, abbreviated as kJ in English), and kilojoule refers to one thousand joules. Now it is commonly used to measure the calories contained in food and the calories consumed by a certain unit of exercise. People generally control their weight by controlling the calories they consume from food and the calories consumed by exercise.

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Calorie is derived from the transliteration of Calorie in English. The unit is equivalent to the calories required to raise 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius at 1 atmospheric pressure.

What is the change in the weight of canned yellow peaches after eating for a day?

Will gain weight: Canned yellow peach is a can made based on yellow peach, which contains sugar, protein, vitamins, insoluble dietary fiber and other nutrients. Proper consumption can supplement the nutrients the body needs.

Because a large amount of rock sugar or white sugar is added during the production process, the calories contained in canned yellow peach are relatively high. If you eat too much and have not controlled the intake of other foods, and do not expel excess calories through exercise in time after eating, it will cause calories to turn into fat accumulation, so it is possible to gain weight.

What does Samoyed eat to grow meat and grow fat?

Natural foods with high protein content are most conducive to Samoyed weight gain. Specialized dog food, canned food, pork, beef, lamb or some fresh vegetables with low fat content are all suitable and favorite foods for Samoyed, and they are also important nutrients that are very conducive to Samoyed weight gain.

Calorie calculation of canned cat?

262 kcal/100 grams.

Calorie of canned food: According to the calorie conversion, the average of canned food is 0.9~ 1.2kcal/g (

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