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College Entrance Examination Track and Field Specialty Examination Standards?

1. Each candidate must participate in height and weight measurement

track wrestling weight management

2. Candidates who apply for track and field special projects can only choose one project in the 100-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter, 800-meter, 1500-meter, 3000-meter (female), 5000-meter (male), 110-meter hurdles (male), 100-meter hurdles (female), 400-meter hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, and participate in the project’s exam (all items are tested according to the requirements of the all-round event)

3. The track event test adopts a one-time final, sorted by grades

4. When the field competition is dedicated to the distance test, Each person has 3 try jumps or try speculation meetings. There are 3 try jumps for each height of the field event, and each field event calculates the ranking score based on the best result

5. The height of the hurdles is the height of the hurdles. The equipment used in the throwing event is the adult standard competition equipment stipulated by the latest track and field rules of the Chinese Athletics Association. Men’s 110-meter hurdles have a hurdle height of 1.067 meters. Women’s 100-meter hurdles have a hurdle height of 0.840 meters. Men’s 400-meter hurdles have a hurdle height of 0.914 meters. Women’s 400-meter hurdles have a hurdle height of 0.762 meters. Men’s shot put: 7.26 kilograms are used, and women’s shot put is 4 kilograms. Men’s javelin 800 grams, women’s javelin 600 grams, men’s discus 2 kilograms, women’s discus 1 kilogram

Qingdao Binhai University physical test standard?

Height body mass index (BMI): Height body mass index = weight (kilograms)/height (meters) squared. This index is used to evaluate body mass, and the normal range is 18.5-23.9.

Lung capacity: Lung capacity refers to the maximum amount of air that is slowly and completely exhaled after trying to inhale. It is one of the most simple and valuable parameters in lung function testing.

Sitting forward flexion: Sitting forward flexion is one of the physical health assessment items in large, middle and primary schools, which mainly reflects physical flexibility.

Standing long jump: Standing long jump refers to the long jump that starts from a standing position without running up. It is a sport that integrates physical fitness in terms of bounce, explosive power, physical coordination and technology.

50-meter run: The 50-meter run is a sprint event in the track event, and has high requirements for speed and explosive power.

It should be noted that these standards may vary due to different test items and requirements. The specific physical test standards should be subject to the official requirements of Qingdao Binhai College.

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