Weight management

Co-founder of Hehe’s Slimming?

Its founder: Zhang Qian.

weight loss management inc

Runan County Heshi Slimming Beauty and Wellness Center, established on April 8, 2020, is located in Zhumadian City, Henan Province. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the residential service industry.

Is Zhengsheng Lehuo Health Management Co., Ltd. Reliable?

Beijing Zhengsheng Lehuo Health Management Co., Ltd. is reliable, established in 2019-12-06, the registered capital is 1 million RMB, the legal representative is Zhang Dongyu, the operating status is continuous, the industrial and commercial registration number is 110115028185762, the registered address is No. 23 Jinyuan Road, Daxing District, Beijing, 603, 6th Floor, Building 3, Business scope includes health consultation, health management (except for approved diagnosis and treatment activities); psychological consultation; software development; basic software services; application software services; computer system services; technology development; technical consultation; technology transfer; technology promotion; technical services; retail cosmetics, hygiene products; food business

is a formal platform.

The Good Enjoy Thin APP is a software developed by Guangzhou Green Thin Health Consulting Co., Ltd., which combines intelligent hardware for scientific fitness and diet management. Through this software, you can communicate with professional weight managers online in real time, so that they can give accurate free weight loss guidance suggestions. Scientific match for weight loss, professional weight managers online, provide free one-to-one consultation.

Is Bafeba Health Food Co., Ltd. real?

It’s true.

Bafeba Health Food Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the research and development, production and sales of health foods. Their products include health foods, health foods, drinks, weight loss foods, etc. Among them, weight loss food is an auxiliary food that achieves weight loss effect by changing diet structure, promoting fat metabolism, etc. It should be noted that food is only a means to assist weight loss, and weight loss needs to be carried out through good living habits and the implementation of scientific weight loss plans.

Is Bi Xiu Weight Management and Aikang the same company?

Bi Xiu Weight Management and Aikang are not the same company. First of all, Bi Xiu Weight Management is a brand that focuses on weight management. It provides personalized diet and exercise plans through professional nutritionists and fitness trainers to help customers achieve healthy weight loss and maintain a healthy weight. And Aikang is another company that mainly provides health physical examination services, as well as related medical consultation and services. Although Aikang also focuses on health and weight management, its main business is different from Bisu Weight Management. Therefore, while both companies focus on health and weight management, they are not the same company.

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