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Clovis height?

Height 176cm

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Born in Brazil in 1970, football player, on-field position forward, plays for Gremio Football Club.

Basic information

Chinese name Clovis

Foreign name Clovis

Date of birth June 25, 1970

Nationality Brazil

Gender Male

Weight 76kg

Birthplace Brazil

Has Covington ever held a gold belt?

Have you held it.

Graduated from Colson University in the United States. Joined the UFC League in 2006 and won the UFC Gold Belt Award three times.

Covington, who attended Tennessee State University (a member of HBCU), will donate $1 million to the school to provide new training facilities for the men’s and women’s teams.

Covington was born on February 22, 1988 in Clovis, California. He is 180 cm tall, has an arm span of 183 cm and weighs 77 kg. He is a left-handed player. Martial arts style: wrestler.

Q: When did the mammoth become extinct?

A huge animal ruled the northern hemisphere for millions of years.

During the Ice Age, lush meadows nurtured a large family of mammoths that spread across continents.

The mammoth and the present elephant share a common ancestor. The two species diverged 5 million years ago.

Elephants have continued to thrive to this day, however, the mammoth became extinct. What killed the mammoth, was it nature? Hunter-gatherers, or something more devastating.

Mexico City, where you can get first-hand access to mammoth paleontology. Geologist Silva Gonzalez comes to Tukula, a suburb of Mexico City. In 1996, when workers were laying the foundation for a new bar, they encountered some objects at a depth of 4 or 5 meters underground.

Archaeologists soon unearthed 1,200 bones, which belonged to a family of seven mammoths.

Tukula is a very important site because this site preserves the environment where the mammoths lived 11,000 years ago.

This significant discovery can help people understand the cause of the extinction of the mammoths. Archaeologists have identified the remains as 11,000 years old, which is when the mammoths disappeared.

In the basin of Mexico at the end of the glacial period, the average temperature was 10 degrees Celsius, five degrees cooler than it is today.

The Tukula mammoth family is active. Like elephants today, mammoths migrate hundreds of kilometers each year in search of better pastures.

They have typical slipbacks and round heads, and weigh twice as much as the Siberian woolly mammoth. In order to adapt to the hot weather in the Americas, their body hair is becoming thinner and thinner. Mammoths can live to 70 years old, and in order to maintain their large body weighing up to ten tons, they spend two-thirds of their lives grazing.

This is the remains of a baby elephant and a 50-year-old female. We know that today’s elephants are typically social animals, and we can infer that mammoths are also social animals. In fact, the items unearthed in Tukula confirm this. In the site, the family structure of this mammoth is exactly like this.

Adult mammoths are large, and on the plains, other animals pose no threat to them, but young mammoths take 15 years to develop. Therefore, more ferocious predators can easily harm these young elephants.

The cohesion of the mammoth family protects themselves. However, danger has never been far away from them. The young elephant left the herd. The young elephant ran away in panic. The elephants mobilized immediately, forming an impenetrable wall. Working together, the elephants were unafraid of the most ferocious predators. However, disaster did befall the elephants.

Why did they die here together? Did their death have anything to do with the extinction of the entire species? The mammoths were all buried in volcanic mud, and it seemed that a specific event killed them.

Pocatepet, just 20 kilometers away from Tukula, was an active volcano 11,000 years ago. So, did the volcanic eruption kill the mammoths? At the site, the remains of mammoths are scattered, causing Silva to question.

Silva: People think that mammoths were not killed by volcanoes and mudslides. If the animals were alive at the time, you should find the complete remains here, but that’s not what we see. Here we only see some fragmented remains. This means that the Tukula mammoths were dead at the time, their bodies were decomposed, so they were easily scattered when the volcano erupted.

Or that question, what is the direct cause of the death of the mammoths? When people talk about the extinction of mammoths, they often think that the change of weather is one of the important reasons.

The discovery of mammoth bones in the Americas suggests that the decline in mammoth populations coincided with the end of the ice age and the beginning of the warming of the earth. Temperatures began to rise 20,000 years ago, about 7 degrees Celsius, which changed the environment of the Americas. Grasslands in the southwestern United States gradually transformed into deserts with sparse shrubs and cacti, and many mammoths could not survive and died.

But Silva believes that Mexico City is a special case, located at a high altitude and once an oasis. Climate change is unlikely to kill all mammoths. Of course, it will not solve the mystery of the extinction of the Tukula mammoth.

In the debate about the extinction of the woolly mammoth, another important reason will be mentioned – and that is the hunting of humans. No one knows the exact time when humans first arrived in the Americas. But 12,000 years ago, humans lived from the territory within the Canadian Arctic Circle to the southern part of South America.

If the Mexican Basin was a desert paradise at that time, humans would also be competing for a place here. So, did humans destroy the mammoth in Tukula?

Silva: This is one of the bones, and the sharp edge indicates that someone broke the bone at that time. The most famous of the early humans who entered the Americas were the Clovis people, whose culture was first discovered at sites in New Mexico. The Clovis people hunted using a flint spear head with grooves. This spear head has been found in mammoth bones at many sites.

Some American archaeologists believe that the overhunting of mammoths by the Clovis people caused the extinction of mammoths across the continent.

Paleontologist Erin Johnson is an expert in skeletal forensic analysis.: This is an obvious fracture surface, which proves that the Clovis people were present at the time, and they chopped the bones into sharp tools.

Next, Erin needs to find direct evidence that the Clovis people used this weapon.

Erin: Now we have not found the spear gun head, although the Clovis people were present at the time, we cannot say that they played a direct role in killing these animals.

Of the 1,500 mammoth sites found in South America, only 60 have found evidence of human presence. And the spear gun head used by the Clovis people was found in about 10 of these sites, proving that humans once hunted and killed mammoths, while the rest of the sites only have broken bones of mammoths. This shows that humans only used the bones after the mammoths were dead.

In the basin of Mexico, the Clovis people could catch horses, camels, and some small animals, and they could fish. If they could easily support themselves, then. Why risk attacking mammoths? Obviously, the Clovis people did not go to large-scale killing of mammoths.

This suggests that we should reconsider the relationship between humans and mammoths.

Neither climate change nor human hunting can fully explain the extinction of mammoths.

These conclusions reached at the Tukula site forced scientists to reconsider. In these remains, some new clues have been found. The molars of these jaws are unusual, with the right side developing normally and the left one being oddly shaped.

Peter is not a paleontologist, but a filter pathologist. Recently, his research on a disease that is highly virulent, capable of spreading across species, and recently caused the extinction of a frog has attracted worldwide attention. Now he thinks it is likely that the disease wiped out the mammoths.

Peter: When a disease is introduced to a group that has never experienced the disease, both recently and historically, it is highly likely that the group will be wiped out quickly because of a lack of immunity.

This theory of disease, known as straddling the population, may help explain the extinction of the Tukula mammoth.

The suspicion of disease transmission by the Clovis people seems to be very large, because they arrived in the Mexican basin at the time of the decline of the mammoth population. However, how did they transmit the disease to the mammoths?

Not humans, but man’s best friend, the Clovis people brought dogs to North America.

Dogs carry rabies and distemper, which we know can be transmitted between species. Dogs also transmit diseases through fleas.

Experts are taking DNA samples from the bones of woolly mammoths, whose extinction has long been controversial in the field of paleontology, to look for evidence of a viral infection. In the age of HIV and Ebola, the mammoth site in Tukula may be a timely reminder that we must take the possibility of a virus wiping out species seriously.

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