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Chinese Weightlifting Coach?

Zhang Guozheng is currently the coach of the Chinese Weightlifting Team, completing the transition from champion member to champion coach. Zhang Guozheng’s career is also very glorious. He was selected for the national men’s weightlifting team in 1999. To the men’s 69kg final of the 2002 Busan Asian Games, Zhang Guozheng won the gold medal by a huge margin, and then at the Athens Olympics, Zhang Guozheng won the men’s 69kg championship again. After the Beijing Olympics, Zhang Guozheng retired, and in 2014, Zhang Guozheng returned to the national team as the deputy general coach of men’s weightlifting. At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese weightlifting team is expected to win gold medals in eight events.

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The current head coach of China’s weightlifting?

Men Yu Jie; Women Zhang Guozheng

The 49-year-old Yu Jie comes from the Bayi Sports Team. He joined the national team in 2007 and served as the deputy head coach and head coach of the men’s team during the Rio Olympic cycle. He has trained Liao Hui, Lv Xiaojun and Long Qingquan three Olympic champions.

Zhang Guozheng, a former weightlifting Olympic champion, retired in 2008. In 2014, Zhang Guozheng returned to the national team and served as the deputy head coach of men’s weightlifting. His main responsibility is the men’s major level. He has been the head coach of the women’s team since 2017.

Lightweight champion?

By 2020, three Chinese weightlifters have won the weightlifting world championship, namely: Tang Weifang, Sun Tianni and Chen Jingkai.

By 2020, the Olympic weightlifting champions will be: Chen Jingkai, Zeng Guoqiang, Wu Shude, Chen Weiqiang, Yao Jingyuan, Zhan Xugang, Tang Lingsheng, Yang Xia, Chen Xiaomin, Lin Weining, Ding Meiyuan, Chen Yanqing, etc.

1. Tang Weifang, a native of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, is a Chinese weightlifter and a women’s weightlifting world champion. In 1994, he won 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals at the National Championships, and won the Asian Games championship in the same year. In 1995, he won the 9th World Women’s Weightlifting Championships and broke the clean and jerk world record.

Second, Sun Tianni, female, Han nationality, born in 1975, undergraduate and senior coach, Taekwondo physical coach of Shandong Boxing Taekwondo Sports Management Center, 1995-2000, won 24 gold medals in national and international women’s weightlifting competitions, broke 7 world records, and made significant contributions to the Chinese women’s weightlifting cause

Third, Chen Jingkai (December 1, 1935 – December 6, 2010), born in Shilong, Dongguan, Guangdong, is a famous Chinese weightlifter. He is the first athlete in New China to break the world record. On June 7, 1956, Chen Jingkai broke the world record for the lightest jerk jerk with a weight of 133 kilograms, setting the first world record in China.

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