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Children’s National Physical Test Standards?

Children’s physical test standards include multiple items, and there are different test items according to different age groups. Generally speaking, children’s physical test items include weight, height, lung capacity, 50-meter run, sitting forward flexion, 1-minute skipping rope, sit-ups, etc. The evaluation criteria are that all indicators meet the national standard requirements, and the comprehensive evaluation score of 70 points or above is qualified.

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How to measure the body mass index of the high school entrance examination physical test?

The standard of the high school entrance examination physical test is the height divided by the square of the weight, and then a quality is obtained. This word can be calculated against a standard. Algorithm:

1. Male: (height cm-80) × 70% = standard weight;

2. Female: (height cm-70) × 60% = standard weight.

The Sports High School Entrance Examination is a unified evaluation model for the physical fitness evaluation of fresh junior high school graduates through a unified test, that is, by measuring sports performance and measuring the index obtained by the current height, lung capacity and weight.

Sports health test items and scores?

1. Body shape Height and weight are mandatory items, accounting for about 10% of the total score, measured by body mass index (BMI). BMI = weight (kg)/height squared. Girls’ score of 17.2 to 23.9 is 100, and boys’ score of 17.9 to 23.9 is full.

2. Physical function lung capacity, accounting for 20% of the total score. Girls passed in 2000 ml, with a perfect score of 3400. Boys passed in 3100, with a perfect score of 5040. This is a mandatory test.

3. In the endurance event, boys ran 1,000 meters, and girls ran 800 meters, accounting for 30% of the total score. Girls passed in four or four seconds in 800 meters, and boys passed in four or four seconds in three or eight seconds. Boys passed in four or three seconds in 1,000 meters, and full marks in three or seven seconds. This test is a long-distance run, which belongs to endurance. Be careful not to stop or sit down immediately after running. You should walk around slowly to gradually recover your body.

Four. Flexibility and strength items account for 20% of the total score. Sit and bend forward, throw solid balls, sit-ups (female), pull-ups (male), grip body mass index, etc. Choose one of them. For example, boys pull-ups, girls sit-ups in one minute, accounting for 10% of the total score. Girls pass 26 in one minute, with 56 full marks. Boys pass 10 pull-ups, with 19 full marks.

Five. Speed and dexterity items account for 20% of the total score. 50 meters run, standing long jump, skipping rope, basketball dribble, football dribble, volleyball pad, etc. For example, standing long jump girls pass 151 cm, 207 full marks. Boys, 208 pass, 273 full marks. It is also the best result for each person to jump twice. Be careful not to step on the line when jumping, the movements are standardized, and you can jump farther with accurate force.

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