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Championship Football Manager 2006 Who can introduce me to a few, powerful players~~ Demon Man?


football manager height and weight

TomasSivok (Czech) SpartaPrague

The 22-year-old back waist is not very young, but the potential is infinite, height 185, bounce 15, header 16, position 18, mark 17, tackle 17, all other technical attributes are above 10, mental attributes are above 13, as a midfielder, balanced development is the most needed, he already has a very good capital, a little hone, is a star, 1.1M, absolutely cost-effective.

Carlos Alberto (Brazilian) Corinthians

20-Year-old AMC, a well-known lad in Brazil, is a promising star on the same level as Diego. Techniques, dribbling are already excellent, belonging to very good players, and there is a lot of potential for improvement. On the same team as Tevez… so the price is a bit higher… 3. 3M

Nuri Sahin (Turkish) Dortmund

The 16-year-old midfielder in the Dortmund team has seen a good foundation in long-range shooting and has a good future

Daniel Carvalho (Brazilian) CSKAMoscow

Brazil has a lot of talent, this is a member of the National Youth Team, living in Russia, 22 years old, AMLC, height 180, his skills and body are not inferior to his predecessors, the invincible Alex on the left, his attributes are excellent, there are no flaws, all he has to do is to perfect himself. 4M, definitely worth it.

Giovannidos Santos (Mexican) Barcelona

The children of the Barcelona youth team, 15 years old, the contract is not protected, grab it, and the future is promising

Kerlon (Brazilian) Cruzeiro

17 years old, dribbling 20, the more famous hope star in Brazil, will make a lot of progress in the future, buy his right

HatembenArfa (French) Lyon

In this work, Leon hides a lot of high-potential children, and this 19-year-old Afra is one of them. Speed 17, dribbling 18, and technology 18 are the capital he pierces into the opponent’s heart. Open 3.5M.

Luis Jimenez (Chilean) Ternana

21-year-old AMRLCFC, all-rounder in the frontcourt, inherits the tradition of the Chileans, and has poor bouncing, but he can have 183 height is already very good, still a good breakthrough wide player.

JorgeValdivia (Chilean) ColoColo

FM06 has seen a large number of dribblers emerge, and this 21-year-old Chilean front waist is undoubtedly the best among the best. At a young age, 4 20 attributes are enough to dazzle, 2.3M, if you have money, buy it quickly, don’t hesitate.

rivaldo (Brazilian) santos

19-year-old child, shot 18, pass 16, more than 1M can be bought, but the body has not yet developed, need to cultivate

Sergio Aguero (Argentine) Independiente

is another child who likes dribbling, speed, technology, dribbling are 16, only 17 years old, great potential for training, and the price is very low, only 750K, tempted

Lele (Brazilian) Fortaleza

17-year-old front waist, cross 18, pass 17, long-range shot 18, good player, only 80K, low-level club must buy ah.


Ahthonyvendenborre (Belgian) Anderlecht

Recommended by Mars, a well-known ultra-high potential defender, 17 years old, can be developed in one year, a must for Predator, the opening price is 675K, up to 1.2M can be bought, high quality and cheap

LeandroGioda (Argentine) Lanus

Top stake, 20 years old, 192cm tall…!!! Bounce 16, header 19, who can grab the ball from above his head? No one can. 550K can add an air barrier to your penalty area.

Andrea Barzagli (Italian) Palermo

Although the age of 24 is beyond the taste of some pure Predators, I have to recommend this player. Of course everyone knows him, he has entered the Italian national team, and in the QQ group a few days ago, Huixin MM used all the perfect words to modify him. Buy it, don’t doubt it.

Aythami (Spanish) LasPalmas

19 years old, looks very average, potential is good, but there is no hope of becoming a first-class player, can only be said to be good, the advantage lies in the price of 180K, dedicated to low-level clubs

Felipe (Brazilian) Udinese

We have already said in the first player recommendation, potential -10, will definitely become one of the kings of ground interceptor defenders in FM06, but the height of 180 limits his air superiority.

Vincent Kompany (Belgium) Anderlecht

Mars recommends again… No way… These top young defenders are still those familiar names. 19 years old, 190 tall, worth only 1.4M, now his ability is absolutely first-class, with his -10 potential, the future will definitely become the leader of the top team’s defense.

Leonel Romero (Swiss) Grasshopper

18 years old, 19 headers, 19 tackles, looking so attractive………………….. but……… he is only 174M……….. It is destined that he can only go to a low-level team to be a full-back, the price is invincible, only 5K

DanielAgger (Danish) Brondby

Many people recommend him, but I have not used it, I don’t know if it is easy to use, 20 years old, 187CM, 1M, the value looks very ordinary, if you are interested, you can try

Edilson (Brazilian) Vitoria

19-year-old player recommended by many people, D/WB/MR right-wing all-rounder, 1.2M, you can buy one

GiorgioChiellini (Italian) Juventus

20 years old, absolutely first-class defender… The reputation is also very big…………….. Of course……………………… Juventus players are definitely going to spend a lot of money

In addition, Ajax has two very good 20-year-old central defenders, of course, you can’t buy anything under 10M


Rodrigo Palacio (Argentine) Boca

Very good striker, you will know how to use it after using it, and 2. 5M, buy as you go, and the general low-level club is also willing to go. He is definitely a good boy

Fernandollorente (Spanish) Athletic

Airbus, also seen Airbus, 20 years old has a height of 193cm, who knows if he will continue to grow in the future…………. Bounce 18, header 18, shot 16, it is definitely worth your 5M transfer fee

NikolaZigic (black) RedStar

A more recognized super airbus, this forum jellyfish found him on the first day of the demo open download, and the number one monster already known in FM06. 202 height, 20 bounces, 20 headers, 20 shots, what more do you ask for? A little more expensive, it takes more than 7M to buy, but there is no doubt that his goals are worth your money.

CesarDelgado (Argentine) CruzAzul

Veteran monster, in fact, he is not a monster. After all, he has been in the Argentine national team for a long time, and the left-wing breakthrough king in the CM era is also a waste of opportunities. But in FM06, his shot has been increased to a terrifying 18. His attack will be more sharp, and there are 20 crosses, without a top winger. In a small club, you can buy him for only 3M.

DiegoTardelli (Brazilian) SaoPaulo

20 years old, high potential type, buy it back and cultivate it yourself, but it also costs 3.8M. Not very recommended

RafaelSobis (Brazilian) Internacional

Known as the new Ronaldo……………………………………….. 20 years old, useless, recommended by many people, you choose by yourself

cesarcarignano (Argentine) Basel

Height 189, shot 17, header 16, just 22 years old, there will be greater development in the future, I don’t know why it is not liked by the club…………………………… Buy 300K………………… Then let’s take it, haha, great value

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