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Cement trial matching steps?

(1) Wipe the test mold clean before forming. The contact surface between the template and the base around should be coated with butter and assembled tightly to prevent slurry leakage. Brush a layer of oil evenly on the inner wall. Do not brush the oil too much.

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(2) The mass ratio of cement to standard sand is 1:2.5. The water-cement ratio is determined according to different varieties. Portland cement, ordinary cement, slag cement is 0.44; pozzolanic cement, fly ash cement is 0.46.

(3) The material and dosage to be weighed for each of the three test bodies formed.

(4) When mixing the cement sand, first pour the weighed cement and standard sand into the mixing pot, and start the mixer. After mixing for 5s, slowly add water, and add it within 30s. Stop stirring (180 ± 5) s from the start of the machine, scrape off the glue sand stuck to the blade, and remove the mixing pot.

(5) While stirring the glue sand, clamp the test mold and the blanking funnel tightly in the center of the vibrating table countertop. All the mixed cement sand is evenly loaded into the blanking funnel, and the vibrating table is started. The blanking time for the cement sand to flow into the test mold through the funnel should be 20~ 40s (the blanking time is subject to the appearance of voids in two of the three compartments of the funnel). Vibration (120 ± 5) s Stop.

(6) After the vibration is completed, remove the test mold, gently scrape off the glue sand higher than the test mold with a scraper and smooth it. Then number the test body. When numbering, the three test bodies of the test mold should be divided into two or more ages.

(7) Before the test or when changing the cement variety, the mixing pot, blades and blanking funnel should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

PCR identification steps?



In an ice bath, add the ingredients to a sterile 0.5 ml centrifuge tube in the following order.

10 × PCRbuffer

5 μl NTPmix (2 mM)

4 μl Primer 1 (10 pM)

2 μl Primer 2 (10 pM)

2 μl Taq enzyme (2 U/μl)

1 μl DNA template (50 ng-1 μg/μl)

1 μl Add ddH2O to 50 μl

Depending on whether the PCR machine has a heat cap, do not add or add paraffin oil.


Adjust the reaction program. Centrifuge the above mixture slightly, place it on the PCR instrument immediately, and perform amplification. General: Pre-denaturation at 93 ° C for 3-5min, enter the cycle amplification stage: 93 ° C 40s → 58 ° C 30s → 72 ° C 60s, cycle 30-35 times, and finally incubate at 72 ° C for 7min.


End the reaction, the PCR product is placed at 4 ° C for electrophoretic detection or -20 ° C for long-term storage.


Electrophoretic detection of PCR: If paraffin oil is added to the reaction tube, 100 μl of chloroform is used for extraction reaction mixture to remove the paraffin oil; otherwise, 5-10 μl of electrophoretic detection is directly taken.

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