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Can’t say 41 years old in Texas?

Many places can’t say 41 years old. I have heard a saying that the turtle shell is 41 yuan, so 41 years old is said to be 42 years old

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Dezhou City Old Age Allowance Standard?

Anyone who has a permanent residence permit in the city for more than 3 years and is over 90 years old to less than 100 years old in the current year can apply for Old Age Allowance. The longevity allowance for the elderly over the age of 100 will be issued separately in accordance with relevant provincial and municipal regulations. The old age allowance standard is 300 yuan per person per year.

Those over 70 years old in Dezhou, Shandong should also pay rural cooperative medical treatment?

There is no exemption, but they can continue to pay.

New Rural Cooperative Medical Care can still be paid after the age of 70. The new rural cooperative medical care refers to the farmers’ medical mutual assistance system organized, guided and supported by the government, farmers voluntarily participate, and individuals, collectives and the government raise funds from multiple sources. It adopts the methods of individual payment, collective support and government subsidy to raise funds. That is to say, regardless of age and gender, it is voluntarily paid by individuals, and the overall funds are used to reduce the cost burden when seeing a doctor. The rural cooperative medical insurance covers that all rural residents can voluntarily participate in the new rural cooperative medical care as a family unit, and pay the cooperative medical care funds in full and on time.

What are the jobs in Texas that are suitable for 35-year-old women?

Coincidentally, I am also from Texas, and I am about the same age as you

I don’t know if you need to take your children to school on weekends every week. If you need it as much as me, our time is not allowed for a lot of work. Some people around me are doing some handicrafts, including handmade fake flowers and ear accessories~ You can take them home to do it, so that the time is more free, and I don’t delay picking up and dropping off children, but I don’t earn much every day.

If there are elderly people at home who can help pick up and drop off children, then the choice is relatively wide, you can go to the supermarket salesperson, cashier, shopping mall to sell clothes, shoes, etc., I believe these are not difficult for our omnipotent mother

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