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Can Zhulishi gummies lose weight? Where did you buy them from WeChat?

(1) Inhibit the appetite center of the brain, reduce appetite, make obese people do not want to eat, and eat less. Reduce calorie intake.

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(2) Stimulate metabolism, increase the body’s oxygen consumption and the oxidation of fat and sugar to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body.

(3) Stimulate the intestines, reduce nutrient intake, and increase excretion. Although taking weight loss drugs can receive a certain weight loss effect. However, some drugs have greater side effects. Therefore, obese people should not blindly take drugs to reduce their intake. It is best to consult a doctor to find out the cause of obesity, and then choose to reduce the use of drugs, or use other methods to lose weight. At present, there are many drugs for weight loss in the domestic market, including western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. These drugs generally have four categories:

The first category: appetite suppressants. Mainly there are florphenylalamine, benzophenamide, fenfluramine, hypoglycin, etc.

The second category: increase metabolic drugs. Mainly suitable for obese people with respiratory insufficiency. Such as thyroid tablets and progesterone, etc.

The third category: reduce nutrient absorption drugs. Such as laxatives and cellulose preparations. The fourth category: traditional Chinese medicine. Such as fattening beauty, Xueziling, weight loss granules, etc. The most commonly used weight loss drugs are mainly used to stimulate the lower thalamus and regulate food appetite.

Among them, there are amphetamines (central stimulants) that inhibit muscle hunger and suppress appetite; and Fanfilamin, which stimulates the feeling of fullness and suppresses appetite. It should be pointed out that the drugs we have used in the past contain thyroid hormones that metabolize hyperactivity. For obese patients with complications, it is taboo. In short, when using drug treatment, you must listen to the doctor’s opinion and follow the doctor’s instructions. You must not take some so-called “weight loss pills” indiscriminately.

During the period of taking weight loss pills, you must diet to lose weight effectively. Diet pills are mostly used to strengthen the weight loss effect of dieting, but they do not have direct fat removal effects; the effect of weight loss is directly derived from dieting, so dieting is the main means of weight loss, while diet pills are only auxiliary means; long-term use of diet pills and diets at different times, not only ineffective weight loss but also psychological dependence on drugs. It is difficult to cut off drugs after addiction. If you do not continue to diet after stopping diet pills, you will soon gain weight again. If you don’t eat weight loss pills and only rely on dieting to lose weight, you will lose weight successfully. Although it takes longer to reach the weight loss target weight than a hairpin, the weight loss effect is easier to maintain; dieting to lose weight is a lifelong thing and cannot be interrupted, but the longer the weight loss pills are used, the worse the weight loss effect will be and eventually they will fail; buying weight loss pills is only used when necessary, and must not be used year after year. Thank you for your patience in reading. If you want to know more about dry goods in health, please leave a message to follow Gudong Health Assistant! Your likes are the greatest encouragement to me~

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