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Can wet wipes wipe the face?

Wet wipes paper can usually wipe the face, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the wipes.

skin care routine with cleansing wipes

At present, wet wipes are roughly divided into two types, the most common of which is a cleaning wet tissue, which contains some skin care and emollient ingredients. The other is that it contains disinfectant substances and can also disinfect other items. If you wipe the face, choose gentle and high-quality wipes, not chemical wipes, which can cause certain irritation to the skin. Generally, high-quality wipes are mostly made of non-woven fabrics, which are relatively soft in texture, while inferior wipes may cause fluff and damage the skin.

How to use the five-day film?

Five days in the first five days: Clean the whole face with cleansing milk at night, and then use body milk for hydrotherapy (squeeze an appropriate amount of body milk and mix it well with a little mineral water, then put the grimace sticker in it and stick it on the face. When it dries, apply the rest evenly on the face at any time. Remove it after about half an hour, do not wash your face); after getting up in the morning, just wash your face with water, apply the diluted body milk, and then use day cream and barrier cream for 5 consecutive days. Start on the 6th day: clean the face with cleansing milk in the morning, apply essence when the face is half wet, then apply body lotion, day cream or barrier cream; clean the face with cleansing milk at night, apply essence when the face is half wet, and apply body lotion. (Spa treatment can be done once a day or two during 6-10 days) After the 10th day, you can use both day cream and muscle repair cream (you can use less muscle repair cream at night in the early stage). After the 15th day, you can do a mask once a week. Follow the normal steps:


After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply 2 drops of Essence Lotion (face, neck and back of hands) when your face is semi-wet; when applying Essence Lotion, because Essence Lotion contains 248 kinds of growth factors, do not pat or massage, just rub it evenly on your face.


During the day: Essence Lotion For dry skin, you can apply a thin layer of gene repair cream, and finally apply a three-in-one moisturizing sunscreen;


After washing your face, apply 2 drops of Essence Lotion (face, neck and back of hands) when your face is semi-wet, and finally apply a sufficient amount of gene repair cream.


Luminesce Lifting Mask, once or twice a week, use the mask after washing your face, remove the mask after 15-20 minutes each time, wash your face with warm water, and apply essence lotion as usual.

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