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Can the ph test paper measure the oil properties?

No. Even if it is possible, but the gasoline sold at the gas station is basically mixed with additives, so it has color, which will definitely affect the display of the color of the ph test paper. Therefore, the test results are also inaccurate.

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First of all, there is no pH value in gasoline itself, because the pH value is generally an indicator of the lower concentration of hydrogen ions in dilute aqueous solutions. Second, it is completely inappropriate to use the ph test paper to detect oil, because the organic pigments on the test paper show normal indicator colors in aqueous solutions, while in pure organic solutions, this color change is completely unreliable. Third, the water-soluble acid or alkali in gasoline products has a special determination method, which is not simply detected by ph test paper.

What does the pH value of cosmetics mean?


The pH value is divided into 0~ 14 degrees, PH0 is the highest acidity; PH6.5~ 7.5 is neutral; PH14 is the highest alkaline. In our skin, each layer of skin tissue has a different pH value, which can range from 7.35 in the inner layer to 4.85 in the outer layer. The pH value of healthy skin is 5~ 5.6, which is weakly acidic. Usually, the pH value of cleansing products will be higher, about 7, which will be higher than PH5. 5 cleaning products are more cleansing.

The outer layer of the skin is covered with an acid film, which is composed of secreted sebum, sweat and other water-soluble substances. It has the functions of sterilization, disinfection, and resistance to infectious diseases. The pH of healthy skin is between 5 and 5.6; if the skin is too dry, the pH is smaller, between 4.5 and 4.9; the pH of oily skin is the largest, between 5.7 and 6.5. The pH reaches 6.5, which helps microorganisms to multiply. The skin’s ability to resist bacteria is weakened, and it is prone to acne, acne or other skin diseases. There are external factors and internal factors that affect the pH of the skin. External factors include sunlight, temperature, cosmetics, skin hygiene, nutrition, etc. Internal factors include body temperature, excessive sweat, digestion, endocrine, excessive sebum, etc.

What is the appropriate pH value of face soap?

The pH value of face soap is above 7, because the sodium hydroxide involved in the reaction is mainly alkaline substances. If the pH value is 5-6, it is acidic. Generally, the facial pH value of people with oily skin can reach this level, so it is conceivable that if the pH value of handmade soap is 5-6, it will not achieve the purpose of cleaning.

And soap soap is mainly used for cleaning, or neutral and slightly alkaline, so that the skin can achieve water and oil balance. If left for a long time, alkaline soaps generally reduce the pH value.

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