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Can the olay ultra-red bottle be used in the morning?

The olay ultra-red bottle can be used during the day. Many girls are worried that the olay ultra-red bottle cannot be used during the day, mainly because they are worried that after the ingredients in the olay ultra-red bottle are exposed to ultraviolet rays, it will have adverse effects on the skin. In fact, since nicotinamide is not a light-afraid product and has no photosensitivity, it can be used during the day.

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Do you use the olay anti-sugar small white bottle in the morning or at night?

Use it at night. It is best not to use it during the day, and do not use it in a sunny environment after applying it at night. The main ingredient of this olay small white bottle is nicotinamide, which is the most functional. It can whiten light spots and remove acne marks, but it must be used away from light. It is recommended to apply A alcohol after applying the olay small white bottle at night, and then turn off the light to enter a beautiful dream.

Although the light of turning on the light to play with the mobile phone is not sunlight, it is also try not to touch it. It can be used naturally, but if you use it during the day, you must do a good job of sun protection, otherwise it is impossible to have a whitening effect, and the skin will be drier during the day. You need to pay attention to moisturizing, so that the olay small white bottle can play its due effect

How to use the Olay small white bottle correctly?

How to use: Apply the essence evenly to the forehead and cheeks, chin, and nose; push it evenly to the whole face with your fingertips; gently press and massage with your fingertips to make the essence better absorbed.

1. Cleanse your face with a facial cleanser.

2. Use a toner to replenish skin moisture and maintain the function of skin locking in water.

3. Apply the essence evenly to the forehead and cheeks, chin, and nose. Push your fingertips evenly to the whole face.

4. Massage with your fingertips to make the essence better absorbed. Precautions: 1. The active ingredients of the serum are very high and can directly penetrate the surface of the skin. It is best to use it after using the lotion, then apply the serum, and then apply the lotion/cream. 2. Apply the serum all over the face or only focus on the needed part. Pat lightly to help the serum absorb. Except for the eye serum, do not apply ordinary facial serum to the eyes. 3. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to use the serum 3 to 4 times a week. Maintain the skin in the morning or evening, and apply an appropriate amount of serum after cleansing the face. Apply it to the corners of the face through a small dropper. 4. The application order of the serum is: cleansing – toner – essence.

5. The essence should not be too much or too little. If there are too many, the excess ingredients that cannot be absorbed will cause burden on the skin. Only 2-3 drops each time in summer and 3-5 drops each time in winter.

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