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Can the bar-headed geese hurt people?


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As a first-class protected animal, the bar-headed geese will not harm people, and we have the responsibility to severely punish such violations of wildlife rights.

The bar-headed geese (scientific name: Anserindicus) are medium-sized geese with a length of 62-85 cm and a weight of 2-3 kilograms. The whole body is mostly gray-brown, with a white head and neck. There are two black spots on the top of the head, which are extremely eye-catching on the white head. They breed in highland lakes, especially saltwater lakes, but also freshwater lakes and open and many marshes. They winter in lowland lakes, rivers and marshes. Sex clusters, breeding season, wintering period and migration season, all in groups. It mainly feeds on plant foods such as leaves, stems, grasses, and seeds of legumes in the family Gramineae and Cyperaceae, as well as shellfish, mollusks, and other small invertebrates. It is distributed in Central Asia, Kashmir, and Mongolia, and winters in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Yunnan, China.

What does Feihong mean?

The word “Feihong” can have different meanings, depending on the context.

1. Flying geese: In traditional cultures, “Feihong” often refers to flying geese. For example, the verse “Feihong treads on snow mud, and the incense is used to describe the sight of geese flying freely in the snow with their heads held high.

2. A metaphor for a noble and outstanding figure: In ancient literature, “Feihong” was also often used to describe a noble and outstanding figure. For example, compliments such as “A glimpse of Feihong, you can’t beat it”.

3. Symbolizing luck and auspiciousness: In some cultures, “Feihong” is also regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, such as the traditional Chinese Feihong pattern.

In conclusion, the meaning of the word “Feihong” is closely related to the context and needs to be understood according to the specific situation.

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