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Can I use any skin care products for damaged skin barrier?

Ou Bunqi OBAGI0. 5% Retinol Essence Lotion

prescription skin care routine obagi

Ou Bunqi OBAGI0. 5% Retinol Essence Lotion. It is said that the oil control effect is very good, it can brighten the complexion, and it is particularly easy to push away, and it is not greasy. Improve wrinkles, improve enlarged pores, and tenderize the skin. Using wrapping slow-release technology, high-concentration retinol is gradually released in the skin, reducing the irritation of use, and is very nucleophilic to the skin. Multi-ingredient synergistic repair.

What brand is zo cosmetics?


ZO was created by Dr. Obagi, that’s right, it’s the Obagi that VC is particularly famous and will be mentioned below.

ZO has won the Best Skin Treatment Brand Award in the MyFaceMyBody Award in the United States. This award is reviewed by world-renowned dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, with high authority and recognition.

People who often brush acid should also have heard of ZOSkinHealth. Its most classic A alcohol series is mentioned in the “Morning C Evening A” article (see here for the matching of various stages of Morning C Evening A~), so we also start with the introduction of his A alcohol series.

(left: bright white model, right: anti-aging model)

ZO’s A alcohol has two lines: bright white and anti-aging. The bright white model is divided into three concentrations: 0. 25%, 0. 5% and 1. 0%. The anti-aging model has 0. 5% and 1. 0% two concentrations, the higher the concentration, the stronger the effect and the greater the stimulation.

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