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Can I use Alipay in Jeju Island?


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The payment methods in Jeju Island are diverse, including cash, credit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.

As an international tourist destination, in order to facilitate tourists’ consumption, its payment methods are quite flexible.

At the same time, with the rise of electronic payment, various mobile payment methods have also become popular, which is more convenient and fast.

Therefore, tourists can choose their favorite payment methods to spend in Jeju Island.

In addition to the use of credit cards, Alipay, WeChat Pay and other electronic payment methods in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and other consumer places, electronic payment services are also provided at airports, buses, tourist buses, taxis and other places in Jeju Island to facilitate tourists’ travel.

For tourists who do not want to carry cash, using electronic payment is a safer and more convenient choice.

Why do some bottles have whoo on them?

The answer is as follows: Whoo may refer to the Korean high-end skin care brand Whoo (later known as TheHistoryofWhoo). Whoo was established in 2003 and is a brand under the LGHouseholdHealthCare, a Korean cosmetics company. The brand specializes in making high-quality skin care products using traditional herbs and royal recipes.

Therefore, if you see Whoo on the bottle, it is likely that the bottle contains the brand’s skin care products. This brand is very popular in the Asian market and is known for its exquisite packaging and high-quality products.

The Royal Suma series that breathes on the Internet is very popular. What exactly does this do?

em To be honest, I think Su Mi’s Royal Suma is quite expensive. After all, it is a high-end skin care product. I also bought this set when I went to Korea with my friends. It focuses on anti-aging, and the functional ingredients are also awesome. Like myself, sometimes I have to stay up late and work overtime, and my skin condition is not as good as before, and I am a little sensitive, but this set feels mild and useful, especially the cream, which has a great healing power. Even after staying up late, the skin condition is still good, white and clean, full and firm, and hin is satisfied.

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