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Can I use a makeup brush for brush acid?

Of course not with a brush! After knowing that I have carefully thought about, observed, and confirmed my skin, I personally feel that the brush acid period is to simplify the skin care process, gently clean, do not over-exfoliate or deeply clean, but don’t just know about brush acid. Generally speaking, step by step, pay attention to the tolerance of your skin at any time, and adjust flexibly. Remember that the skin has a renewal cycle. For example, brush a low concentration of acid once every 2 days at the beginning to let the skin adapt. After gradually adapting, increase the concentration of acid or the frequency of brush acid.

skin care routine with spin brush

And Ronnie wants to 3D rotate the red mark. This sentence: No matter what kind of acid, try to use it at night, and you must protect yourself from the sun the next day after brushing the acid!!!

Because the acid is photosensitive, and the brush acid that does not protect against the sun is nonsense.

How is the crystal color four-pronged water eyebrow pencil applied?

1. First determine the position of the brow, the middle of the brow, the peak of the brow and the tail of the brow.

2. Then start from the bottom edge, drawing from the brow to the tail of the brow, probably a slightly rising arc. You can try different radians to see which one is suitable, and use the thinnest line of 1mm for accurate depiction.

3. Use the nib 1mm line to draw the upper edge of the eyebrow and the lower edge of the eyebrow. The thickness is the same, and the approximate frame of the eyebrow is traced.

4. Turn the nib 45 ° and use the 3mm line to draw the first half of the upper edge of the eyebrow. The pen is lighter and the lines are blurred.

5. Start filling in the color. Use the 1mm line to fill in the tail of the eyebrow in the direction of the arrow. The lower part of the eyebrow can also be filled in according to the hair flow.

6. For the remaining eyebrow near the upper edge, use a few strokes on the 5mm wide surface, fill it in a little, and the color is lighter and blurred.

7. Finally, brush the eyebrow dye cream and it’s done!

The steps of makeup, in order?

The complete skin care steps include:

Cleansing → Adjusting skin texture → Toning → Eye care → Balanced moisturizing → Sunscreen → Protection

● Cleansing: A morning and evening cleaning work every day can gently and thoroughly remove makeup, surface oil and dirt from your face.

– Use your fingertips to follow the direction shown, from bottom to top, and gently rub from inside to outside (do not scrub hard).

– The delicate eye area is gently operated with the ring finger.

– Then rinse off with warm water or wipe off with a warm and humid towel. (Note: Clean twice in summer)

● Adjust skin texture: Apply twice a week to help peel off the dry old dead cells on the surface, make the skin texture smooth, and present a fresh and radiant appearance.

– Apply the mask flat on the clean face with upward and outward gestures, avoiding the circles around the eyes and lips.

– Wait about ten minutes, then rinse off with warm water, or wipe off with a warm and humid towel.

● Toning: Cleanse the skin again, soften the cuticles, balance the PH value, help shrink the pores, and increase the softness of the skin.

– Wet the cotton pad and pat the face and neck in the direction shown.

– Repeat wiping until there is no dirt and traces of makeup left on the cotton pad. (Note: Avoid the eyes)

● Eye care: The eyelids have the important function of moisturizing the eyes with tears. It prevents eye injuries and protects the eyes from light and dirt. In order to complete these tasks, the eyes need to blink more than 24,000 times a day. This series of movements places great pressure on the eyelids and the delicate skin around them, which is not found in other parts of the skin.

Order of use: Soothing Eye Mask Cream → Softening Essence Eye Cream → Rejuvenating Silky Eye Cream

● Balanced Moisturizing: Supplement the skin with essential moisture and nutrients, fully moisturize the skin, and keep the skin soft and smooth.

– For best results, be sure to gently apply with your fingertips facing up and out when using skin care products. Please use your ring finger when applying to the area around the eyes. (Note: Only eye cream can be used for the eyes)

● Sunscreen: Mary Kay has developed sunscreen products from SPF 15 to SPF 30, regardless of gender or age, suitable for everyone to use on the face and body skin. This series of products is an honorary recommendation from the International Department of the Skin Cancer Foundation and can be used by the whole family. Mary Kay Sunscreen products have the following characteristics:

– Fragrance-free, waterproof, sweat-proof, will not block pores and will not cause facial blisters.

– Water-resistant, water-resistant, protects the skin from UV UVA and UVB damage.

– Contains moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin from dryness.

– Contains free radical scavengers to prevent the production of free radicals.

Use daily. Apply evenly to all exposed areas. Reusable, especially after swimming and heavy sweating.

● Protection: Protect the skin from harmful substances in the environment, giving the skin a smooth and well-proportioned luster.

– Gently push the foundation out with the pulp of your fingers or a sponge and push it evenly. Please pay special attention to the junction of the chin and hairline, and the color should be fused.


Cleansing — Toner — Lotion — Eye Cream — Face Cream — (Isolation Cream) — Liquid Foundation — (Concealer Cream) — Loose Powder — Eyeshadow — Eyeliner — Eyebrow — Blush — Cheek Shadow — Loose Powder Setting — Mascara — Lip Gloss

Makeup Remover:

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover — Facial Makeup Remover — Cleansing — Toner Start Maintenance or Mask

Basic Makeup Steps

The correct makeup steps are as follows:

1. Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse the skin with effective cleansing products.

2. Skin care: Apply skin care products that can improve and protect the skin, including firming water or toner

Skin water, face cream, eye cream.

3. Foundation: Good makeup should use several colors of foundation to show the face

three-dimensional effect, showing the difference between light and dark.

4. Eyebrow trimming: After painting, trim with eyebrows and eyebrow clippers.

5. Eye painting: The order of eye painting is eyeshadow, eyeliner, nose and eyelashes.

6. Apply blush: When applying blush, you should pay attention to modifying other parts of the face, such as the forehead and

lower jaw.

7. Apply lipstick: first trace with lip liner, and then apply with lip brush or lipstick.

1. Apply foundation

Dip the foundation with a sponge, and apply the base color evenly from top to bottom on the forehead, cheeks, nose, around the lips and under the chin. Each part should be connected naturally, and there should be no obvious dividing line. On the sides of the nose, the lower eyelids, around the lips and other small parts where the sponge is difficult to penetrate can be adjusted with fingers.

2. Setting makeup

Use a puff to put the powder on the face, but do not rub the puff back and forth on the makeup surface, which will destroy the foundation. The key to preventing makeup removal from foundation lies in the nose, lips and around the eyes. Be careful to set makeup on these parts. Finally, use a dusting brush to dust off the excess setting powder. The action should be light to avoid damaging the makeup surface. The setting makeup should be firm, the powder should be uniform, and the makeup can be set several times on the part that is easy to remove makeup.

3. Modify the eyebrows

① Start from the waist of the eyebrows, follow the growth direction of the eyebrows, and trace it to the peak of the eyebrows to form an upward arc.

② Start from the peak of the eyebrow, follow the growth direction of the eyebrow, and draw diagonally down to the tip of the eyebrow to form a descending arc.

③ Draw from the waist of the eyebrow to the brow.

④ Brush the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush to soften it and connect it with various parts.

4. Draw eyeshadow

At the upper eyelid, use two or more eyeshadow colors to arrange and match horizontally from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, which can give full play to the movement of the eyes, making the eyes vivid and three-dimensional,

5. Draw eyeliner

Close your eyes and use one hand to gently push the upper eyelid to fully expose the upper eyelash root. Draw with eyeliner. When drawing the lower eyelash line, look up and draw from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye.

6. Clip the eyelashes

Look down, clip the eyelash curler to the root of the eyelashes, so that the eyelash curler matches the arc of the eyelid, clamp the eyelashes for about 5 seconds and release them. Do not move the position of the clip for 1-2 times to fix the arc. Use the eyelash curler in the middle of the eyelashes, follow the trend of the eyelashes upturned, and release them after about 5 seconds. Finally, use the eyelash curler to clip the front end of the eyelashes again for 2-3 seconds to form a natural arc.

7. Brush mascara

When applying the eyelashes, the eyes look down, and the eyelash brush rotates from the eyelash root down to the outside. When applying the eyelashes, look up, first apply horizontally with the brush head of the eyelash brush, and then turn the eyelash brush from the inside to the outside from the root of the eyelashes.

8. Brush blush

Take a suitable blush, start at the sunken part of the zygomatic arch, and smudge from the hair trace to the inner contour.

9. Apply lip gloss

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