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Can I take away the shoes, earphones and blindfolds in the business seat?

The earphones and blindfolds in the high-speed rail business seat can be taken away

eye patches in skin care routine

Some airlines have pajama pants. After the plane takes off, it is recommended to go to the bathroom to change the pajama pants, and then put on slippers, which are much more comfortable. These can be taken away. All airlines will send overnight bags. Overnight bags and their contents can also be taken away. There are toothbrushes, toothpaste, skin cream spray, etc. There are eye masks and earplugs for sleeping. Some airlines, such as Emirates, have overnight bags for men and women. Some airlines will have extra overnight bags, you can ask for more, and it is a good gift to give away. For example, the overnight bag of Muhang contains L’Occitane products, including hand cream, which is super good. The overnight bag of Emirates Airlines is Bulgari, and the bag given by EVA Air to Rimova costs thousands of dollars to buy outside.

The earphones cannot be taken away, and it is useless to take them away, because the earphone jack on the plane is a three-hole plug

The correct way to cold compress double eyelid ice packs?

Hello, 1. Prepare an ice pack: choose an ice pack suitable for the eyes, such as an ice pack with curvature or a small eye mask ice pack, to ensure that it can cover the entire eye area.

2. Clean the eyes: Use warm water to clean the eyes and remove dirt and cosmetic residues to prevent bacterial infection.

3. Place the ice pack in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator: The ice pack should be frozen in the freezer compartment for at least 30 minutes to ensure that its temperature is low enough.

4. Apply to the eyes: Apply the ice pack gently to the closed eyes, taking care not to press or rub the eyes hard.

5. Duration: It is best not to apply the cold compress for more than 15 minutes to prevent the skin around the eyes from being over-irritated.

6. Can be reused: If you need to continue the cold compress, you can put the ice pack back into the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and wait for a period of time before using it.

7. Frequency of use: Use up to 3 times a day to avoid excessive irritation to the eye skin.

Can I apply the Yunnan Baiyao steam blindfold after rubbing the eye cream?

Hot compress steam blindfold is a hot compress, which can speed up the discharge of residual toxins in cosmetics. If you wear the eye cream after using it, you can speed up the absorption of the eye cream. If you wear it after eye care, you can better dilute dark circles and bags under the eyes~

How to buy the Peace Shop Gothic blindfold?

You can buy the Peace Shop Gothic blindfold in some shopping malls specializing in cosmetics or on some Internet platforms. This kind of blindfold is widely used in the fields of medicine and beauty. Its material and quality are very high. If you need to buy it, you can go to JD.com, Tmall, Mushroom Street and other e-commerce platforms to buy it. In addition to shopping online, you can also go to physical cosmetics stores, such as Watsons, BBK and other shopping malls. If you see related products in some health experience centers, concert venues and other places, you can also buy them directly. In short, the methods of buying gothic blindfolds in Heping Shop are very diverse, and you can choose the way that suits you.

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