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Can I go to the pharmacy to brush skin care products with my medical insurance card?


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Introduction from the staff of the Municipal Medical Insurance Center: If you use your social security card to buy drugs in designated medical institutions, you can only buy drugs in the medical insurance catalog, and you cannot buy health products; any behavior of defrauding medical insurance funds by exchanging drugs (substances), reselling drugs, applying and falsely opening inspection and treatment items, as well as overdose or over-range drug purchases and hoarding drugs, etc., is illegal.

Can I brush medical insurance for skin care products that can be bought in pharmacies?

1. No.

2. Because medical insurance is used to reimburse medical expenses, and skin care products do not belong to the category of medical expenses, it belongs to beauty skin care products and does not meet the reimbursement standards of medical insurance.

3. Medical insurance is mainly used to pay for medical services, drugs and treatment expenses and other expenses related to disease treatment, while skin care products are mainly used for beauty and skin maintenance, and have no direct therapeutic effect.

Therefore, skin care products in pharmacies cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance.

Do you still need to mix the skin care glycerin sold in pharmacies with water? If you need to mix it with water, the ratio is…

Generally, you don’t need to add water, just use it directly. The glycerin in the chemical needs to be mixed with water

How to buy a mask with a medical insurance card?

The medical insurance card can usually only be purchased in cooperative medical institutions and designated pharmacies. Generally speaking, medical masks do not belong to the scope of medical insurance, so it may not be accepted to use the medical insurance card to buy medical masks in general pharmacies.

It should be noted that the medical insurance policies and regulations in different regions may vary slightly, so you need to consult the local medical insurance institution or pharmacy for accurate information. You can call the customer service hotline of your local medical insurance agency or pharmacy for consultation, or check the relevant policies and regulations on their official website.

How to buy skin care products in hospitals?

First of all, you need to go to the dermatology department and ask the doctor to help you see what kind of skin type and cosmetics are suitable for you. You can ask the doctor to issue a specific list, and then go to the pharmacy to get cosmetics.

What certificates do pharmacies need to apply for to operate cosmetics?

Pharmacies dealing in cosmetics need to re-apply for a “Business License”. The “Business License” indicates the scope of business. When dealing in medicines, they also sell food, health products, and general merchandise for daily use. You can operate cosmetics without re-applying. However, if the “Business License” is not available, you can bring one original and two copies of the original license, as well as the official seal. Go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to fill in the application for change registration, the certificate of commission, the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting, the amendment of the articles of association, and submit the application. After the successful declaration, the original and copy of the old license will be withdrawn together, and the new license will be collected after five working days.

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