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Can I brush medical insurance for skin care products that can be bought in pharmacies?

1. No.

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2. Because medical insurance is used to reimburse medical expenses, and skin care products do not belong to the category of medical expenses, it belongs to beauty skin care products and does not meet the reimbursement standards of medical insurance.

3. Medical insurance is mainly used to pay for medical services, medicines and treatment expenses and other expenses related to disease treatment, while skin care products are mainly used for beauty and skin maintenance, and have no direct therapeutic effect.

Therefore, skin care products in pharmacies cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance.

Can I buy skin care products in pharmacies?

There will be some skin care products in the pharmacy. Divided by category: there are acne removal, freckle removal, and frostbite removal, and these categories belong to skin care products. Some pharmacies will also have some hand creams, anti-frostbite creams and sunburn creams, especially sunburn creams, which are only available in general pharmacies.

How can micro-businesses cooperate with brick and mortar store to sell skin care products?

1 Solve the other party’s concerns in advance If you are the owner of this brick and mortar store and someone recommends a product to you, what are your worries? Worry about safety, worry about effect, and worry about whether it is legal, mainly these 3 questions. So before you go to talk, prepare the answers to these 3 questions. When you talk, quality inspection report, company business license, customer witness video, buyer show, feedback, etc.

2 brings him benefits other than making money. The first benefit is definitely more income and more profit. What else can you get besides money? Use WeChat thinking as an entity, add all customers to WeChat, use WeChat to maintain customers, build your own fan base, and maintain this as a long-term resource. Your entity will not be difficult to do, but will only help you grow your business. Don’t know how to play? No problem, I can teach you hand-in-hand, just like pharmacies. Now the competition for offline pharmacies is very large. There are several outside a community. The competition is so big, how can I break through? I provide you with a trial package, and you arrange a person to serve these aunts and aunts. The on-site experience can not only attract more people, but also be sure that as long as someone tries it out, it can be sold and directly increase your income. You can also directly say that if you don’t do it, I will find another one. You are the first one I found, because I believe in your vision, I don’t want to find another one. Whoever cooperates with me will get the most direct benefits, and whoever cooperates will benefit.

3 Give a successful case, many people are skeptical, how to solve it? Give a successful case, show her the pictures of other friends in the team on site, the momentum of the queue, the photo of the receipt, and the photo of the boss laughing. This is the result. It is a real gift. Of course, it is better to have a video. Let the successful store owner record a small video to prove that your product is reliable and can help the store improve its business. More importantly, it can increase the income of thousands to tens of thousands a month, so the power is very great.

4 Emphasize the importance of this matter. After a lot of talking, you put your own goods on it. This is of little significance. It will definitely not work if no one specializes in serving your product. You need to arrange a special person to recommend and explain, so that your product is not a decoration, and it will be sold. That is, you need to give a sales plan and provide product training to the other party. This is very necessary. Generally, offline products are really troublesome. But for eye patches, it is very simple. You can experience it for free. Buy it when you have a good experience. The sales method is simple! You don’t need too much explanation. How to prove that your product is good will naturally work in 15 minutes. You can feel it. It won’t work for 1 day. You can experience it for 3 days in a row. If it doesn’t work for 3 days, it will take 7 days. As long as people really need it, they will buy it after 7 days of experience! If you have a brick and mortar store yourself, you must make good use of this offline resource. If you have a brick and mortar store, you will have more trust. It is much easier to do micro-business. It is very simple. It is also a very good choice to use your offline entity to transform your online!

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