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Can face cream be mixed for men and women?

Face cream can be mixed for men and women

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Skin care products are not divided into men and women, mainly divided into skin types and ingredients. Moisturizing creams are also suitable for men with dry skin, especially in winter, while men’s skin is basically oily in summer, so it is recommended to use some refreshing skin care products at this time. Refreshing and oil control can ensure that the oil yield of men’s skin is reduced!

What is the difference between men’s skin care products and women’s skin care products? Can men and women share similar skin types?

It is best for men and women not to share skin care products. The skin conditions caused by different hormone levels between men and women are also different, so the choice of skin care products also needs to be targeted. Professor Li Yuanhong proposed that it is best to use male and female skin care products separately. First of all, some female skin care products contain phytoestrogens, and the impact on men after use is not known, and vice versa. Secondly,. The fragrance and texture that men and women like are different in skin care appeal, and the skin care products configured accordingly also have gender characteristics and are not suitable for mixing. From this point of view, there is no clear research to prove that female skin care products will have a bad impact on men, but in terms of skin appeal, men and women are not suitable for sharing skin care products. Some products can be shared between men and women. It is better to distinguish between maintenance by gender than by skin type. For example, the principle of oily skin maintenance for men and women is almost the same, oil control and moisturization are necessary; dry skin strengthens moisturization, etc. But there are some differences at certain stages, such as skin care during menstruation is a problem that men do not have, and aging, women will reduce estrogen with menopause, resulting in dry skin and spots. Women’s anti-aging products will add plant estrogen to make up for their deficiencies. Like this kind of skin care products, men really do not need to use skin care products containing such ingredients.

Can skin care products be divided between men and women?

Skin care products can be used for both men and women, and women should not use male skin care products. Women’s skin is thinner than men’s. The ingredients added in cosmetics are mainly smooth, tender, lock water, moisturize, remove wrinkles and nourish, and the fragrance emitted is also designed according to female characteristics. Men’s skin care products are developed according to men’s skin characteristics and are not suitable for women.

Men’s scissors are thicker than women’s scissors, with large pores, large and developed sebaceous glands, and thicker stratum corneum. So the skin ages slower than women’s skin, has higher elasticity than women’s skin, and is not prone to fine lines. Moreover, most men’s skin is oily and prone to acne or acne. So most oil-free formula oil-controlled skin care products are mainly oil-controlled and have less nutrients.

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