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Can doctors develop in the skin care industry? Are there any doctors making skin care products?

There must be, there is such a multi-professional lady by my side, she is a dermatologist, university professor, and senior developer of cosmetic formulas. Her name is Ding Hui, the founder of medical skin care products Ocean Story.

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She used her own efforts to create Ocean Story, a medical skin care product brand that follows the natural medical skin care method and teaches Asians healthy, correct, scientific and natural skin care methods. After several years of development, Ocean Story has served thousands of skin patients and cured countless people’s skin problems. This is also the hard work and achievement of Mr. Ding Hui. There is a strong team of medical students behind Ocean Story. Under the leadership of Teacher Ding Hui, I believe Ocean Story will do better and better.

Do you want to find a dermatologist if you don’t know skin care knowledge?

If you don’t understand or are confused about skin care knowledge, it is a good choice to find a dermatologist. Dermatologists are professionals who specialize in skin health and skin care. They have relevant knowledge and experience and can provide you with accurate advice and guidance.

They can formulate a personalized skin care plan according to your skin type, problems and needs, and answer your questions about skin care products, usage methods, frequently asked questions, etc.

In addition, if you have special skin problems or need professional treatment, a dermatologist can also provide you with corresponding treatment and suggestions. In short, finding a dermatologist can help you better understand your skin condition, learn the correct skin care knowledge, and get professional skin care guidance.

Do skin hospitals have skin care products?

Skin hospitals have skin care products.

Medical skin care products can be purchased in some dermatological hospitals, but they sell some medical and aesthetic skin care products, mainly for problem skin. If it is only normal skin, there is no need to buy it there. In addition, most medical skin care products are not developed by themselves, and whether they are suitable for long-term use depends on individual skin conditions.

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