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Can different brands of cosmetics be mixed and used with different brands?

Do skin care products use one brand or multiple brands? Many women have such doubts. Some people believe that mixing skin care products will make the skin more stimulated by chemical ingredients, and they feel that the face cannot be used as a “test field”. But professional beauticians believe that mixing skin care products as needed is more conducive to replenishing the nutrients the skin needs.

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Brand mixing improves skin care fatigue

According to the latest survey by Japan’s “Women’s Weekly” magazine, the average woman aged 25-35 owns more than ten bottles of skin care products each, and the brands are around three. These skin care products include firming water, lotion, whitening liquid and eye cream, etc.

Ms. Nakajima, a beautician at Nakajima Beauty Salon in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, told reporters that many people have misunderstandings about the use of skin care products, believing that the same brand can be used for everything from facial cleansers to night creams. In fact, mixed skin care products basically do not cause adverse effects on the skin, but are conducive to replenishing the nutrients the skin needs. Since various skin care product brands have their own strengths and are unique in skin care nutrition formulas, mixing different brands of skin care products can form a nutritional complement.

In addition, some women find that long-term use of a certain brand of skin care products will cause skin care fatigue, that is, when they first use it, the skin improves significantly, but after a long time, it has no effect.

Ms. Nakajima said that changing brands frequently can change the phenomenon of skin care fatigue. Because new brands can replenish new nutrients to the skin, it is conducive to the skin showing a moisturized and bright side.

Facial cleansers are the most suitable to change

Ms. Nakajima introduced that, in general, from the outside to the inside and step by step is the secret to changing skin care products. Facial cleansers and firming water are mainly used to clean the skin, so they are “outside” and easier to change; whitening liquids and eye creams are mainly used for moisturizing and maintenance, and are “inside”. When changing peripheral skin care products, you can use the new brand in the morning and the old brand in the evening, so that the skin has a gradual process of adaptation.

If you use it for a period of time and feel that the skin is not uncomfortable and it is indeed effective, you can completely use the new brand of skin care products. In addition, when changing brands, you cannot change the whole set, which is easy to irritate the skin.

Essence products should be changed less

When changing skin care products, women should understand which nutrients their skin needs, and then choose the best skin care products. However, be careful when changing essence products such as whitening lotions and eye creams.

Generally speaking, each skin care product brand will launch several knock-out products, such as some brand whitening products are unique, and some brand wrinkle removal products are effective. If the product a woman is currently using is already an essence and is more suitable for her, don’t replace it easily.

Of course, with age, it is inevitable that the skin requires new essence products. At this time, the replacement should also pay attention to step-by-step, and should first start from the periphery – that is, face wash makeup remover products and firming water – before whitening lotions and eye creams.

Ms. Nakajima also emphasized that makeup should be changed less or not. Because makeup often contains metal ingredients, it has adverse effects on the skin. Once replaced, the skin needs to readjust to new stimuli, which will cause greater damage to the skin. At the same time, women with prone skin allergies should not change skin care products frequently. Even if you change it, you need to see the ingredients of the skin care

products clearly and carry out it under the guidance of a dermatologist. In case of skin allergies, you should stop using it immediately.

Lotion is being welcomed and paid attention to by more and more consumers because of its moisturizing, moisturizing, softening, cleaning and other functions. It is generally used after cleaning products and before skin care products. It can be used as a compensation for the two, but due to some restrictions on receiving its model requirements, it cannot completely replace cleaning and skin care products. At present, due to some advertisements exaggerating its role, some consumers’ understanding of lotion products is biased. This article will introduce some basic knowledge of such products:

I. Basic type:

1. Transparent type: This is the most common makeup water on the market. Due to the limitation of its transparent appearance, such products have very high requirements in terms of optional raw materials and preparation processes. Many raw materials are abandoned because they cannot get a transparent appearance. Cosmetic water generally contains more than 90% deionized water. In order to help dissolve some oil-soluble ingredients such as flavors, oils, oil-soluble vitamins, etc., a certain amount of solubilizer, or alcohol and other raw materials must be added to ensure a transparent appearance. Even so, the content of oil-soluble ingredients that can be added is still very limited, so its moisturizing and moisturizing effects mainly come from water-soluble ingredients, which also limits its final effect to a certain extent.

2. Lotion type: This kind of lotion is between transparent lotion and lotion, and the appearance is milky white, and some appearances are translucent. Compared with transparent lotion, the oil content in the formula is higher, so the moisturizing effect is significantly improved.

2. Different effects:

1. Convergent water: It becomes a shrinkage water, a firming water, and a toner. Generally weak acid, mainly with a transparent appearance.

Mechanism of action:

Chemical angle: Convergence is due to the characteristics of acids and substances with protein effects.

Physical Angle: The cooling sensation brought by alcohol, menthol, moisture, and alcohol evaporation cause the skin to temporarily lower the temperature and shrink the pores.

Medical Angle: Help injured skin heal and speed up tissue growth.

Common raw materials: alcohol, menthol, citric acid, witch hazel extract, allantoin, etc.

2. Softening water: It softens the cuticle, which is characterized by soft and smooth skin. Generally, the ph is alkaline.

Mechanism of action: Soften the cuticle by adding trace amounts of organic alkali or inorganic alkali.

Common raw materials: KOH, NaOH.

3. Balancing water: regulates the acidity, alkalinity and moisture of the skin. But in fact, I have also explained in the special article on skin pH before that the skin itself has the ability to adjust pH, and now cleansing products are usually weakly acidic, so there is no need to rely on makeup water to adjust the pH of the skin.

Mechanism of action: Add pH buffers with regulating effect

Common raw materials: lactate.

4. Cleansing water: Mainly used for light makeup unloading and cleansing the skin, but the ability to clean and uninstall is not strong. It can only be used as a supplement for professional unloading oils and facial cleansers, and cannot replace them.

Mechanism of action: The same as facial cleanser, the cleaning ability of surfactants is the main one. So there is nothing special.

Commonly used raw materials: mild non-ionic or amphoteric surfactants.

5. Others: such as nutritious water, whitening water, etc. These are based on the above basic types, and then add corresponding functional ingredients appropriately. However, due to the limited solubility of makeup water to oil-soluble ingredients, both the amount of addition and the choice of type greatly limit the efficacy of the product.

3. Misunderstanding:

1. Excessive exaggeration of the efficacy of lotion: In fact, the efficacy of lotion can be achieved through facial cleansers and creams, and it is not impossible to lack it. The commonly used raw materials in lotion are often used in facial cleansers and creams, especially in some complete sets of products. Those functional ingredients may be added to different products.

2. Lotion can replenish water: When it comes to moisturizing, everyone will think of replenishing water. But due to the large molecular weight of water, it is basically difficult to be absorbed by the skin, so the statement of replenishing water is simply wrong. Moisture will soon evaporate on the face, and relying on moisture can only bring a short-term moisturizing feeling.

3. Alcohol: Many consumers are disgusted with alcohol, and it is undeniable that many people are allergic to alcohol. The alcohol used in cosmetics is modified alcohol, which not only has a smaller smell, but also reduces the irritation compared with ordinary alcohol. It should be said that it is harmless to healthy skin. For example, astringent water contains an appropriate amount of alcohol, which has the functions of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, cooling, and pores. It is especially suitable for oily skin and acne-prone skin.

4. Allergy: In fact, there are many potential allergens in cosmetic water, such as solubilizers, flavors, preservatives, and plant extracts. Especially plant extracts, in the eyes of ordinary people, because they come from nature, they give the impression of harmless. That is definitely wrong!!! ( I have a special article on this. Those who are interested can find it from my personal collection)

5. Soil test: Some people say that by shaking the makeup water and seeing how much foam it has to judge its quality, this method is incorrect. The makeup water should be free of foam, because the one with foaming power in its formula is the solubilizer, and the more foam, the more solubilizer, or the less oily ingredients. The more solubilizers, the more viscous the skin feels and the greater the possibility of allergies.

IV. How to choose:

Before choosing a makeup water, be sure to determine your skin type, and then choose the right makeup water.

1. Dry and neutral skin:

It is advisable to choose a lotion containing moisturizing ingredients. The most common moisturizing ingredients are glycerin, sorbitol, natural moisturizing factors, sticky polyvinyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and aldoic acid. For such products, translucent or emulsion lotions are preferred. Generally, transparent lotions have limited moisturizing ability. Because neutral skin can easily transform into dry skin without careful maintenance in autumn, it is also necessary to choose a lotion containing high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients like dry skin. For some combination skin, if the oil secretion is not so strong in autumn and winter, you can also choose some moderately moisturizing lotions.

2. Oily, mixed, easy to open acne-type skin,:

It is recommended to use a lotion containing alcohol ingredients. The lotion containing alcohol ingredients has the effect of cleaning again, shrinking pores, and inhibiting oil. Most lotions suitable for oily and mixed skin types also contain ingredients that soften keratin, which can help greasy skin accelerate the removal of aging cells. Exfoliating ingredients can make old and dead cells fall off quickly and make the skin more refreshing. T

Usually acne-removing makeup water contains salicylic acid, because it can help exfoliate, and has a certain sterilization and acne-removing effect. But some people are allergic to salicylic acid, so you should see the ingredients clearly when purchasing (generally salicylic acid and other ingredients will be expressed).

3. Damaged and sensitive skin:

It is advisable to use a lotion containing anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients. Many pure natural plant extracts are good anti-inflammatory and calming agents, such as licorice extract, witch hazel essence, ivy essence, aloe vera essence, lavender essence and allantoin.

When actually purchasing products, it is recommended to be oily. For skin with large pores, you must choose targeted products, because this lotion has a certain unique effect, which can help control oil secretion and converge pores. For other types of skin, moisturizing and moisturizing are the main ones. Because of whitening, anti-aging and other effects, such as choosing special serums, lotions, creams and the like, the effect is better.

If you usually use liquid foundation, or day cream with spf index, barrier cream, sunscreen, etc., it is recommended to choose a moisturizing translucent or lotion lotion lotion. Because this kind of lotion has strong moisturizing ability and longer moisturizing effect, it can moisturize and smooth the skin after use, thus helping sunscreen, barrier cream and other products that contain certain powders and are difficult to apply on the face to apply, and can make the foundation better adhere to the face and make the appearance last longer.

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