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Can cavitation be achieved without contact with ultrasonic waves?

Of course it cannot play a cavitation role in air, and only in liquid can it have a cavitation effect. Ultrasonic cavitation refers to the dynamic process of growth and collapse that occurs when the micro-gas nucleus cavitation bubble existing in the liquid vibrates under the action of sound waves and when the sound pressure reaches a certain value.

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Instructions for use of kq3200de ultrasonic cleaner?

1. Installation of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The power cord of the general ultrasonic cleaning machine is separate from the cleaning tank body. First, the ultrasonic power supply should be connected to the cleaning tank body. An ultrasonic cleaning machine with a drain can connect the drain pipe, or turn the drain toward the drain.

2. Add water to the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Add an appropriate amount of water to the cleaning tank. The liquid level should be able to immerse the cleaned parts and be lower than the maximum water level. Some models have overflow, and the overflow pipe should be connected in advance.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine heating

Start the electronically controlled heating switch to adjust the water temperature to the appropriate temperature (generally between 50 ° C and 60 ° C). There is a temperature detector in the cleaning machine. The heating device will continue to heat to the specified temperature, and then be in the heat preservation mode. When the temperature is lower than a certain value, the heating device will start and heat to the set temperature.

4. Add cleaning agent to the ultrasonic cleaning machine

When the water temperature rises to about 30 ° C, the parts cleaning agent can be added to the cleaning tank, which can be added according to the product process. The ratio is 1:20 or 1:30. You can stir the water to fully dissolve the cleaning agent into the water.

5. Pretreatment of parts

When cleaning some oily parts with an ultrasonic cleaner, thicker sludge or thicker powder dust can be scraped off in advance before cleaning. Simple ultrasonic cleaning pretreatment will greatly improve the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning, shorten the ultrasonic cleaning time, and prolong the service life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

6. Placement of ultrasonic cleaning machine parts

Place the parts in the stainless steel cleaning basket and gently put them into the cleaning tank. It is recommended not to put too many parts at one time, try to spread them evenly, and do not place them too tightly.

7. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Turn on the power supply of the ultrasonic generator and start the normal cleaning work. If necessary, turn the power adjustment knob clockwise to adjust the appropriate power. The ammeter shows the normal current of 4~ 5A.

8. Stop the ultrasonic cleaning machine

The working time of ultrasonic cleaning can be determined according to the condition of the parts. If you feel that the cleaning is almost done during the ultrasonic cleaning process, if you want to stop cleaning, you can first adjust the power knob to a minimum, and then press the ultrasonic work button. Generally, you can directly turn off the ultrasonic power supply.

9. Ultrasonic cleaning machine post-processing

Take out the cleaning basket directly, rinse the cleaned parts with water. Then place the parts in a fan or air-drying machine for air-drying until they are completely dried in the hole. Some manufacturers directly use double slots, one slot for ultrasonic cleaning, and one slot for water rinsing or spray cleaning, which saves the trouble of moving around.

10. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent treatment

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine uses to clean a lot of parts, the content of sludge in the cleaning liquid is very high, coupled with the emulsification of ultrasonic waves, the cleaning liquid will be turbid, so that not only the secondary pollution of parts, but also the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves will be weakened. At this time, the liquid containing the cleaning agent should not be used any longer.

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