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Can Axe brand scented tea skin care detergent be used to wash the face?

No, it is recommended not to wash the face with detergent. Detergent is used to clean stubborn stains in the kitchen, and the cleaning force is relatively strong. Therefore, washing the face with detergent is definitely not as gentle as facial cleanser. Moreover, detergent contains a variety of chemical ingredients. Although washing the face with detergent can take away oil stains on the face, washing the face with detergent is more irritating to the face. Therefore, it is not recommended that you wash your face with detergent.

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Cheap and easy-to-use boys’ products?

On this subject, here are some cheap and easy-to-use boys’ products suggestions:

1. Razors: Some cheap razors can provide the same good shaving results, such as the Philippe Norelco razor.

2. Electric toothbrushes: Many brands of electric toothbrushes are affordable, such as Oral-B and PhilipsSonicare.

3. Glasses: Some brands of glasses can provide quality protection and visual effects, such as ZenniOptical and WarbyParker.

4. Fragrances: Many brands of fragrances are affordable, such as CalvinKlein and Axe.

5. Underwear: Some brands of underwear can provide comfort and support, such as Hanes and FruitoftheLoom.

6. Moisturizer: Many brands of moisturizers are affordable, such as Cetaphil and Neutrogena.

7. Shampoo and conditioner: Some brands of shampoo and conditioner can provide quality cleaning and maintenance, such as Pantene and HeadShoulders.

8. Body lotion: Many brands of body lotion are affordable, such as Aveeno and CeraVe.

9. Facial facial cleanser: Some brands of facial cleanser can provide quality cleaning and maintenance, such as Cetaphil and Neutrogena.

10. Chewing Gum: Some brands of chewing gum can provide fresh breath and eliminate bad breath, such as Extra and Orbit.

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