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Can amoxicillin be eaten by cats?

Cat owners who want to feed their cats amoxicillin can put it into an auxiliary feeding tool, and then push the medicine into the cat’s throat. However, there are many details about feeding cats amoxicillin, and you can’t eat it casually. Some cat owners may not know much about amoxicillin. Next, let’s talk about some small knowledge about amoxicillin in detail. Interested cat owners can read on.

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1. Amoxicillin is generally eaten when there are some bacteria in the cat’s body. For example, if the cat’s upper and lower respiratory tract, skin, urinary tract, etc. are stained with fungi, then you can take advantage of the fact that amoxicillin can penetrate the cell wall, feed the cat amoxicillin, let it kill some bacteria in the cat’s body, and help the cat get better faster.

2. How to choose amoxicillin There are many kinds of amoxicillin on the market, such as cat food, dog food and human food. Some cat owners also have amoxicillin in their homes. Here is a reminder to cat owners that when a cat is sick, it is necessary to eat amoxicillin eaten by cats. For example, if you want amoxicillin, don’t give it human or dog food casually, because cats and their body structures are different, and the composition and dosage of amoxicillin are also different. If cat owners give cats human or other pet amoxicillin at will in order to save the money of buying cat amoxicillin, it is likely to cause great damage to the cat’s kidneys and other organs.

3. How to eat amoxicillin Cat owners remember to read the instructions carefully before feeding their cats amoxicillin, or consult a veterinarian. Generally, amoxicillin should be fed according to the weight of the cat. Cat owners should measure the weight of the cat, and then assign the amount of feeding. Just use auxiliary feeding tools to feed the cat medicine. Don’t feel that the cat is seriously ill, or feed the cat too much amoxicillin at will, otherwise it will make the cat kidney failure or even life-threatening.

About levamisole for cat deworming?

If there are tapeworms, you can feed the cat with Mioba or Bayer. It is available in pet supply stores or Taobao, one piece at a time for half a year.

Levamisole for veterinary use can be eaten, but the dosage requirements are very strict. Feeding too much will poison cats, and feeding less will not work. If you want to feed levamisole, weigh your cat’s weight, and then calculate the dose, a few milligrams per kilogram multiplied by body weight, which is very troublesome. It is not as convenient to feed Miaoba. It is eaten in the mouth. To say that it is safe and cost-effective or Miaoba or Bayer, although it is a little expensive, it is absolutely safe, and some broad-spectrum deworming drugs will not work.

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