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Can adult cats eat kitten cat food?~~?

Yes, it can be summed up in one sentence: kittens cannot eat adult cat food, but adult cats can eat kitten cat food. Cats need different nutrients at different growth stages, and they need to eat different formulas of cat food. There are differences between juvenile cat food, adult cat food, and elderly cat food. Infancy is a period of comprehensive and rapid growth and development of cats, and at the same time, kittens’ stomachs are relatively fragile and sensitive, so juvenile cat food is made of relatively easy-to-digest raw materials. The main difference between adult cat food and kitten cat food is the difference in nutritional composition. The nutrients, protein and fat content required by kittens are much higher than those of adult cat food. Because kittens are not fully developed and the gastrointestinal system is relatively weak. Therefore, kittens’ cat food is generally prepared with some that are easier to digest. Adult cats have more and more cat hair. Therefore, you need to give them some cat food that helps spit hairballs. You can also give adult cats some shiny cat food. Finally, a warm reminder. If there are two cats of different ages at home, in order to avoid being difficult to distinguish between kitten food and cat food. Or the cat thinks the food in the other party’s bowl is delicious and wants to steal it. You can buy whole cat food, which can not only meet the needs of both parties, but also meet the nutritional needs.

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