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calorie and weight conversion formula?

Calculate how many calories you can eat in a day, which can be done through the formula, that is, weight × (25-30) kcal/kg/day. If there is a difference between the actual weight and the ideal weight, it needs to be corrected.

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The calories in a day can be calculated through the formula, that is, weight × (25-30) kcal/kg/day. Generally, people’s better calorie consumption in a day has its own rules. If they are less active every day, for example, office workers can choose 25; if they are light manual workers, they can choose 30.

Weight has three categories: actual weight, ideal weight and corrected weight. The actual weight is the real weight; the ideal weight is the result obtained by height -105.

If the actual weight is lower than the ideal weight, choose the actual weight × (25-30) kcal/kg/d. If the actual weight is greater than the ideal weight, you need to calculate the corrected weight, which is (actual weight – ideal weight) × 0. 5 ideal weight is the corrected weight.

Through the calculation of calorie, the approximate energy requirements can be obtained, but due to individual differences, age differences, gender differences, and health differences, this calculation method is an approximate value. In reality, it needs to be analyzed according to individual circumstances.

What’s the matter with the same fasting weight for 48 hours?

The same weight during light fasting may be caused by the following three reasons:

1. Low basal metabolic rate: The basal metabolic rate (BMR) refers to the minimum energy expenditure required by the human body to maintain life in a resting state. If your basal metabolic rate is low, then the energy consumed by the body during light fasting may not be enough to produce significant weight loss. To improve the basal metabolic rate, you can try aerobic exercise, strength training, and increasing muscle mass.

2. Insufficient food intake: Light fasting does not mean no food intake at all. If the calories consumed during light fasting are too low, it may cause the body to burn muscle rather than fat for energy. In this way, after the end of the light fasting, the weight may rebound quickly. In order to achieve the desired weight loss effect, please ensure that you consume enough calories during the light fasting period, while maintaining a balanced nutrition.

3. Body adaptability: Long-term light fasting may cause the body to gradually adapt to this state of low calorie intake, thereby reducing the weight loss effect. To break the body adaptability, you can try to add a normal diet to the light fasting cycle, or change the diet plan during the light fasting period. For example, you can increase the intake of vegetables and fruits on the light fasting day to increase the feeling of satiety.

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