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Calculation method of well back backfill?

Calculation method of well back backfill is mainly divided into the following steps:

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1. Determine the type and properties of backfill materials: The material of well back backfill is generally cement, lime, fly ash, etc., and industrial waste such as slag and slag can also be used. Select the backfill material according to the specific situation, and make corresponding calculations according to the properties of the material.

2. Determine the backfill thickness: The thickness of the backfill of the well back needs to be calculated according to the actual situation. Generally, the backfill thickness is about 1/4 to 1/3 of the well depth.

3. Calculate the volume of backfill: According to the thickness of the backfill in the back of the well and the area of the well, the volume of the backfill can be calculated. For example, if the diameter of the well is 1.5 meters, the depth is 4 meters, and the backfill thickness is 1 meter, then the volume of the backfill in the back of the well is 7. 065 cubic meters (1. 5 meters/2 × π × 4 meters × 1 meter).

4. Calculate the weight of the backfill material: According to the density of the backfill material, the weight of the backfill material can be calculated. For example, if cement is used as the backfill material with a density of 2. 9 tons/cubic meter, then the weight of the backfill cement of 7. 065 cubic meters is 20. 5 tons (7. 065 cubic meters × 2. 9 tons/cubic meter).

5. Consider the filling rate: In the actual backfill process, it is necessary to consider the filling rate, that is, the ratio of the actual filled volume to the theoretically calculated volume. In general, the filling rate is about 95%.

6. Calculate the filling volume: According to the filling rate and the actual backfill volume, the actual filled volume can be calculated. For example, if cement is used as the backfill material and the filling rate is 95%, then the actual filled volume is 6.7 cubic meters (7.065 cubic meters × 95%).

It should be noted that there are also some other factors that need to be taken into account when performing the backfill calculation of the well back, such as the size and weight of the well cover, the soil properties of the backfill area, etc. At the same time, in the backfill process, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the corresponding construction specifications to ensure the quality and effect of backfill.

6 well steel bars are more than one meter?

6 steel bars 1 meter is 0. 222 kg of steel The unit of measurement for theoretical weight calculation is kilograms (kg). Its basic formula is: W (weight, kg) = F (cross-sectional area m2) × L (length, m) × δ (density, g/cm3) × 1/1000 The density of steel is: 7.85g/cm3, and the calculation formula for theoretical weight of rebar is as follows: W = 0.00617 × d2 (kg/m) d = section diameter mm, rebar with section diameter of 6mm, weight per meter = 0. 00617 × 6 × 6 = 0.222kg

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