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Brightening Beauty Cream Muscle Milk Toner Use first?

1. Use toner first

best brightening skin care routine

Toner can restore the acidity and alkalinity of the skin surface, and at the same time condition the stratum corneum of the skin, which can make the skin better absorb, so after washing the face, you need to quickly replenish the moisture of the face. You can apply the toner to the face and pat it lightly to make the skin of the face fully absorb.

2. Then use the serum

The serum is rich in trace elements, collagen, serum, etc., which has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and whitening and moisturizing effects. Not only can it supplement the nutrients needed by the skin well, but also improve the skin’s resistance, and at the same time drive the skin’s metabolism, making the skin more elastic.

3. Then use the lotion

The lotion can double moisturize and lock in the skin’s moisture. You need to pat the land leaves on the non-dry place, and then wipe the whole face again. You can massage for about 5 minutes to make the skin fully absorb.

4. Brightening skin cream is the last step of skin care

Brightening skin cream can play a whitening and anti-wrinkle role, while stimulating skin cell regeneration, which can improve the texture of the skin muscle layer and promote more delicate and smooth skin.

How to make up that is white, tender and good-looking?

Choose a makeup primer. For dark yellow skin, choose bright purple to improve your complexion. For dark skin and acne-prone skin, you can choose green to improve your skin texture. For white skin, you can choose pink to brighten your complexion.

Choose a UV-resistant sunscreen. It is better to apply BB cream again after applying.

Generally, in order to achieve a deep whitening effect, many friends will apply foundation before applying makeup. Liquid foundation will make the skin look brighter and whiter.

Finally, setting powder. Choose setting powder, generally choose dry powder, gently press and apply on the face, don’t apply too much!

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