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Boiled Egg Essence Evening Skin Care Steps?

Generally speaking, the evening skin care steps of Boiled Egg Essence are to first cleanse the face, then apply a layer of water milk to moisturize the skin, and then apply the essence to moisturize and repair our skin

diy nighttime skin care routine

The process of skin care in the morning at night?

Morning: cleansing milk, water, eye cream, essence, cream, sunscreen, isolation air cushion bb, powder

Evening: deep cleansing, cleansing milk, water, eye cream, water cream, and hydrotherapy with water cream (not all skin care products can be pasted with hydrotherapy, depending on the product type, bionic type can be pasted with hydrotherapy)/sleep mask. If you use my product, you can finally apply some horse oil for repair. After all, the skin is exposed to the wind and sun all day, so it is still necessary to use horse oil to repair

skin care steps at night?

1. Remove makeup

The first step in skin care at night is to remove makeup. Remove makeup carefully to avoid makeup remaining on the face. If long-term makeup removal is not clean, it will cause clogging of skin pores, and the pigment of makeup is easy to deposit on the face, causing facial spots. Only use barrier cream. Sunscreen also needs to use makeup remover to develop good habits

2. Wash your face

After removing makeup, what you need to do is to clean the facial skin. Choose a suitable facial cleanser to clean the face; before washing your face with cleansing milk, it is recommended to use a conditioning cream first. The conditioning cream can rub out oil particles and blackheads in the pores, effectively clean the face. After using the conditioning cream Wash your face with a facial cleanser, massage on your face for about 5 minutes, then rinse your face with warm water.

3. Apply a mask

After thoroughly cleansing your facial skin, dip a cotton pad in toner and apply it to your face, then apply a moisturizing mask. Generally, apply the mask for 15-20 minutes. Applying it for too long will be counterproductive. Remove the mask after about 15 minutes, massage and pat the facial essence until absorbed, and then clean your face with water.

4. Rub the toner

After applying the mask, what to do is to apply the toner to the face immediately to replenish moisture. Of course, after applying the toner, it is best to apply the essence of efficient repair and moisturization, which can replenish more interesting moisture to the skin.

5. Apply night cream

After all the steps are done, the last step is to apply night cream to lock in the moisture replenished by the skin. When the weather is hot, you can also use a refreshing lotion, because not everyone is suitable for night cream. People with excessive sebum and oil secretion are not suitable for using night cream or can use some refreshing night cream; mixed skin does not need to use night cream every day or avoid the T zone when using.

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