Weight management

Body fat rate weighing principle?

The scale for measuring body fat rate measures body fat rate through the principle of electrical impedance.

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Because the resistivity of each person’s body tissue is different, and the resistivity of fat is larger, the scale for measuring body fat rate will pass an electric current through the body to measure the difference between voltages, thereby calculating the body’s fat content.

In addition, some advanced models of measuring instruments will also consider factors such as height, weight, age, gender, etc., in order to obtain more accurate body fat rate data.

It is worth noting that when measuring body fat rate, factors such as eating, drinking, and exercise will also affect the test results.

Therefore, correct preparation and operation should be carried out according to the instructions for use on the scale before measurement.

Space Lesson 1: Space Weight Measurement?

Because there is no gravity in space, the static method of measuring weight by gravity generally used on Earth is not applicable, and can only be tested by dynamic methods in space.

According to Newton’s second law: F = ma, then M = F/a, a force of Nie Haisheng’s device is a fixed force generated by the device itself, and through this force, it bounces back to drive Nie Haisheng’s body movement, giving Nie Haisheng’s body an acceleration, and then obtains the measured value of this acceleration through the device, so that by dividing the force F by this acceleration a by the transformation formula M = F/a of Newton’s second law, the weight M can be obtained. The centripetal force formula F = mrw ^ 2F is the centripetal force, the mass is m, the velocity is v, and the radius is r. According to the above principle, a device is required that can throw Nie Haisheng under the action of a fixed force, after a certain radius of rotation, and then measure the speed of the throw, so as to calculate the mass, but Such a device is more troublesome to implement, and the size of the person is large, so the definition of this radius is difficult, and it is estimated that the implementation effect is not good.

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