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Bathing and skin care steps?

1. The correct bathing sequence is: wash your face first, then wash your hair, and then take care of your hair. Because more bacteria will accumulate on your face after a whole day. It should be cleaned in time. Otherwise, the pores will open after bathing, and dirty things will enter the pores, which will then block the pores. Wash your hair after washing your face and bathing. At this time, the hair has been fully moisturized by water vapor. Shampoo will make your hair more supple and moisturized.

skin care routine if you shower in the morning

2. Do not wash your face with a fluffy head. The skin on your face is very delicate and needs more gentle care. The water pressure sprayed by the fluffy head is too high and too strong, which is not conducive to the health of your skin.

3. Take care of your skin immediately after taking a shower, not blow dry your hair before taking care of your skin. Take advantage of the softer keratin and full moisture of your body after taking a shower. At this time, skin care can make your skin more moisturized and absorb nutrients more thoroughly. And if you wait for blow-drying your hair before taking care of your skin, all the moisture in your skin has evaporated, and it is easy to dry and peel off.

The order of skin care and bathing?

Remove makeup and cleanse your face first, then wash your hair and take a shower. After washing, start skin care and apply body lotion in one go.

The saying that dirty things will penetrate into your pores when taking a shower does not exist!

When is the right time to take a shower after skin care in a beauty salon?

After living forever, when is the most suitable time to wash? But it is the most suitable to wash after an hour, but the things he gives you for skin care are the same as those we take care of at home. I used to be in the beauty salon one day a day, you make up my home mask after a week, and then use the facial cleanser once again. You can apply it to your head for half an hour every day, so that the face of the facial cleanser daughter-in-law is also very wide. You can’t go to the beauty salon without going. Give them money. Let’s buy some good masks.

Wash your face first or take a shower before applying water?

The first step in bathing should be to thoroughly clean the face: this is especially true for makeup-wearing skin, because the water vapor generated by the hot water during bathing will open the pores, allowing the cleaning work to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Skin care after bathing: It is best to wipe the skin care products and condition the skin before blowing the hair. Because the heat of the hair dryer after bathing will cause the moisture loss of the facial skin. Many people will blow dry their hair immediately after bathing. Unguarded skin after washing the face is easily damaged by the hot air of the hair dryer and loses moisture and moisture. Correct bathing sequence: wash your face → take a shower → wash your hair → wash your face

Before taking a shower, apply makeup remover cream to your face without water, massage to dissolve the makeup and sunscreen on your face, and then go to take a shower. The advantage of this is that you can clean off the dirt on the surface of your face first, so that the dirt will not enter the pores because the pores open during bathing.

Take a shower after removing your face. Bathing follows the principle of washing your body first and then washing your hair. This is to fully nourish the hair in the steam, and the hair scales open, making it easier for nutrients to enter. Using hair care products at this time not only protects the scalp layer, but also has a better effect of cleaning and nourishing the hair!

After washing your hair, the pores open at this time. It is recommended to wash your face once, which will help to deeply clean the pores.

When taking a shower, the water temperature should be close to the body temperature, that is, about 40 ° C. If the water temperature is too high, it will dilate the epidermal blood vessels of the whole body, reduce the blood flow to the heart and brain, and prone to hypoxia.

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