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Bathing and makeup steps?

1 Facial skin care should be carried out after taking a shower.

skin care shower routine

2 The reason is that during bathing, water vapor can open pores and clean the face more easily, and the skin is softer after bathing and easier to absorb skin care products.

So, facial skin care after bathing can make the skin healthier.

3 Facial skin care steps should be cleansing, toner, essence, cream, eye cream, etc.

First clean the face with cleansing products, then use toner to shrink pores, then use essence to nourish the skin, then apply face cream and eye cream, and finally do a good job of sun protection.

Such skin care steps can help maintain the balance of water and oil in the skin and delay the process of skin aging.

The correct steps to take a shower?


1/11 Step-by-step reading

The first is to wash your hair first, and wash away the oil and dust.


Then apply conditioner. After applying conditioner, put it away, and those with long hair can be tied up. Those with shower caps can wear them. Then the next step.


Rinse the body with a shower (the face is not cleaned first) If you have a bath at home, you can also soak it. This practice is to make the whole body skin achieve a relaxed state


When the shower is rinsing the body, you can brush your teeth, and the face does not need to be cleaned here. Rinse the body with a shower until you finish brushing your teeth


After brushing your teeth, you can shower the body with shower gel. If there are cotton balls, rub them with cotton balls. If there are no cotton balls, you can rub away the body wash with a towel when flushing. This is to brush away the exfoliation of the body and the oil decomposed by the skin.


After rubbing, flush with a shower. The water temperature should not be overheated, which will cause the skin to be dehydrated and produce too much oil. If you are afraid of slack, you can flush from the bottom to the top. If the water temperature is ok, it is best to be cold, which will help tighten the skin.


Here you can clean your face, because you are in the shower for a period of time and the pores of your body are open. Cleaning your face at this time can achieve a better cleaning effect, and it will not cause dryness due to not applying skin care products for a long time after washing your face. The cleaning method of your mileage may vary.


After washing your face, rinse off the conditioner. If your skin is oily, you can apply a small amount of shampoo to wash off the residue of the conditioner, and then rinse it off. Continue to bundle your long hair after washing.


At this time, the face and head are washed. If the ears need to be cleaned, you can apply a little body wash. Then rinse the whole body again. Wash away the flowing foam from the head to the face.


After taking a shower, apply moisturizer, preferably a little massage, which will help to absorb, and the correct technique will help the body.


Finally, put on a bathrobe or pajamas and take a perfect shower. Then apply skin care products immediately.


Those with baths can soak in water during the flushing step, but it is not recommended to soak for too long.

In addition, those who need to remove dead skin can rinse the shower gel after rinsing

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