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Basic knowledge of male skin care?

The most important thing in male skin care is to clean, first of all, you must wash your face, and then as long as you do a good job of moisturizing or removing oil, it is enough. After all, it is also good to look rough for boys

how to start a skin care routine men

Men’s basic skin care steps?

What are the basic skin care steps for boys. In fact. Boys and girls are the same. Step 1: Take an appropriate amount of toner in the palm of your hand, apply it to the whole face in a pat manner, then lotion, cream

Men’s skin care steps?

The first step is to clean.

The first step in skin care is always cleansing. Most men’s skin has strong oil secretion, which is easy to clog pores, generate acne and acne. They need to clean the skin before skin care.

The second step is to shave. You can choose whether to remove the beard according to your personality.

The third step is to wake up and replenish the skin. The use of toner can quickly replenish water. It is recommended to use firming water for oily skin, toner for healthy skin, and softener for dry skin.

The fourth step is moisturizing and maintaining. In summer, you can choose coagulation creams and lotions with a refreshing texture, and in winter, it is recommended to choose a thicker cream. You can also use essence if conditions permit.

Step 5, sun protection, just apply sunscreen on your face.

Correct steps for boys’ skin care?

Boys’ skin is prone to oily, choose a facial cleanser that removes oil, and then rub some toner. If the skin is dry, add lotion in the middle step. If the skin is not dry, apply the cream directly

Men’s correct skin care steps?

Not only girls should pay attention to skin care, but boys should also pay attention~ There are many boys who don’t care much, and they don’t know what the correct skin care steps are, resulting in dry, dull skin, blackheads on the nose, and even acne that is not dealt with in time, leaving acne marks.

⭕️ Therefore, the correct skin care steps for boys have been sorted out, so that you can raise a school grass face at home!

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