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Australian Pharmacist?

To become a registered pharmacist: According to the registration requirements of APC (Australian Pharmacists Association): To become a registered pharmacist, you must complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree certification course, complete a 2000-hour post-graduation internship (about one year of internship time). And pass the Pharmacist Examination (APEC). The PharmacyExaminingCommittee (APEC) exam is divided into two stages. The first stage is mainly a multiple-choice exam, and the second stage is a written, experimental and oral exam. APEC exams are held in March and September every year. After becoming a registered pharmacist, the income is relatively considerable, and the income is higher with experience. The current average annual income is 100,000 AUD/year. From the perspective of immigration, applicants must complete the APC (Australian Pharmacists Association) accredited academic degree program and obtain a degree, take the Pharmacist APEC exam, and pass the first stage, which is to pass the multiple-choice test part of the APEC exam. The IELTS requirements are relatively high, and the A (academic) IELTS needs to achieve 7.5 points, each of which is not less than 7 points. According to the last update of the Australian APC official website on December 8, 2010, among the 39 universities in Australia, 12 universities at the undergraduate level have fully accredited undergraduate courses in pharmacy, and 6 universities have partially accredited master’s courses in pharmacy. At present, there are nearly 5,000 students majoring in pharmacy at these dozen Australian universities, of which about 20% are overseas students. Only after completing a 4-year undergraduate course in pharmacy or a 2-year master’s course in pharmacy at these dozen universities accredited by APC can they obtain the qualification of Australian pharmacist. The universities that offer a 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy are mainly: University of Sydney, Monash University, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia, Curtin University of Technology, University of Tasmania, Griffith University, La Trobe University, Charles Darwin University, University of Charleston, James Cook University. The universities that offer a 2-year Master of Pharmacy are mainly: University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of Newcastle, Modoc University, University of South Australia, University of Canberra. To sum up, a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the above 12 universities, or a master’s degree in pharmacy from the above 6 universities, and a one-year internship can pass the APEC exam to become a registered pharmacist in Australia. And more and more countries have recognized the equivalent validity of Australian qualifications, so the profession of pharmacists is subject to fewer and fewer national restrictions. Pharmacy is a rather popular profession in Australia. Pharmacists in Australia mainly work in hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, and government departments. Its job responsibilities include: Pharmacists working in pharmacies mainly dispense medicines for customers who come to take medicines according to prescriptions, and explain to customers how to take them and other related matters; Pharmacists working in pharmaceutical factories engage in research, development, and participate in the production of pharmaceutical products, responsible for medical school experiments of new drug products, and a series of work such as production quality monitoring of new drugs. Pharmacists (Pharmacists) have roughly the same job responsibilities as domestic pharmacists, with relatively high income. After graduation, the salary of the internship stage is about 3. 30,000 Australian dollars a year. After completing the internship and passing the pharmacist exam, the salary is about 6. 60,000 Australian dollars a year. With the continuous accumulation of experience, the salary of pharmacists will increase. According to the Australian Pharmacists Association, the average annual salary of registered pharmacists is close to 100,000 Australian dollars, which is about double the average annual salary of accountants 50,000 Australian dollars. Pharmacists are currently in short supply in Australia. About 1,200 students graduate from pharmacy every year, and Australia will face a shortage of 10,000 pharmacists by 2020. From the perspective of immigration, pharmacists are priority occupations in the CSL (Australian Skilled Immigration Priority Occupation List) list, and the highest score is 60 points in the Australian immigration scoring system. Professional immigration applications can be approved first. Due to its advantages in employment and immigration, it has always attracted the attention of many overseas students, including Chinese students.

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