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Ask for an English female name starting with L?

Laura, Lola, Latin, Laurel; Victory.

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Laurel, Laurel, Latin, Laurel; Victory.

Lauren, Lauren, Latin, Laurel.

Lee, Lee, England, inhabitants of the meadow; sanctuary.

Leila, Lila, Arabic, beautiful woman with dark hair; born at night.

Lena, Lena, Latin, boarding house.

Leona, Leona, Latin, lion. Lesley, Lillian Gale, from the old bulwark; Holly Garden.

Letitia Letitia, Latin, Spanish, happy; rejoicing.

Lilith, Lillian Hebrew in the evening.

Lillian, Greek, a lily, representing purity; God’s vow.

Linda, Linda, the beautiful person of Spain. Lindsay, Teuton, a linden tree from the sea.

Lisa, Lisa, Hebrew devotion to God.

Liz, Liz, Hebrew God is the vow.

Lorraine, Loren, France, a man from the small town of Lorraine, France.

Louise, Louise Teuton, famous warrior.

Lucy, Lucy, Latin, brings light to love the cat puff. A man who loves life.

Lydia, Lydia, England, a man from Lydia, wealth.

Lynn, Lynn, England, a man by the lake.

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