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Are there any restrictions on the happy water world project in Quanzhou? There is no explicit weight limit in the Europa-ParkWaterWorld However, some rides may have height or body size restrictions, which is to ensure the safety of

WaterSource is a functional water purifier, which may make the water quality healthier, may reduce pain or other minor problems, because 70% of human body weight is water, so water is essential to human health.

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of with nouns?

There are many nouns in English that can be added with of to represent quantity.

1) Some nouns that represent quantity are paired with of to form quantifiers

Thereareanumberofpossiblesolutions. There are several possible solutions.

Thestudentswillhaveplentyoftimeforfunafterthefinalexam. Students will have a lot of time to play after the final exam.

Itisimportantforyourbodytoreceiveasufficientamountofsunlight. It is important to allow the body to receive enough sunlight.

FinallyIdecidedtostaythereforacoupleofdays. Finally I decided to stay there for a few days.

More of this type of structure is as follows:

alotof many

asmallEgytof small amount

agood/greatmanyof large amount, many

agreatquantityof large amount, many

asmallquantityof small amount

aheapof many, a large amount

atonof large amount

Some of these nouns can be used in the plural to mean “large amount”, such as: lotsof; numbersof; heapsof; tonsof; quantitiesof

Lotofcrudeoilwasexportedfromthiscountryinthelastthreeyears. The country has exported a large amount of crude oil in the past 3 years.

Wehaveheapsofworktodo. We have a lot of work to do.

2) Some nouns paired with of denote a small amount

Ithinkshemighthavelostabitofweight. I think she may have lost some weight.

Putapinchofsugarinthecoffee. Add a pinch of sugar to the coffee.

Thisroomwilllookbetterwithaspotofpaint. Add a little oil paint to make this room look good.

Thereisntagrainoftruthinhisstatement. Not a bit of his statement is true.

3) Some nouns that represent containers are paired with of to indicate quantities, such as:

acupofcoffee A cup of coffee

aboxofcandy A box of candy

acanofbeer A can of beer

abagofwheat A bag of wheat

abowlofrice A bowl of rice

abottleofwine A bottle of wine

abucketofwater A bucket of water

aspoonofsalt A spoonful of salt

aglassoflemon A glass of lemon juice

apackofcigarettes A pack of cigarettes

apotofjam A can of juice

abasketofapples A basket of apples

atubeoftoothpaste A toothpaste

[Note] Some nouns can also add -ful, such as:

aspoonfulofsoup A spoonful of soup

abasketfulofvegetables a basket of vegetables

4) “noun of” sometimes means a group of people or a group of animals, such as:

agroupofchildren A group of children

agangofworkers A group of workers

atroopofsoldiers A group of soldiers

aflockofsheep A group of sheep

aswarm/cloudoflocusts A group of locusts

aherdofelephants A group of elephants

5) Some nouns for shapes can also be used with of, and the amount can be expressed by the shape and size of these objects.

Heburyhimselfunderamountainofpapersallday. He studies a lot of papers all day.

Athreadoflightemergedfromthekeyhole. A ray of light shines through the keyhole

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