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app marketing strategy?

1. APP advertising: Advertising is placed on the APP based on the user target group.

aap weight management algorithm

2. Promotion platform: Whether it has a good APP creativity, which can not only be related to the product, but also connected with the daily marketing and promotion method.

3. Service tools: According to their own product characteristics and the needs of target users, develop an APP that serves users and enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

4. Sales channels: To make an APP based on sales channels, it is urgent for mobile e-commerce under the guidance of the trend.

5. Creative Marketing: Use APP, a brand-new technology and form of expression, to plan some previously achieved marketing effects and achieve creative marketing.

9 major promotion means of APP promotion:

1. Log in to the application promotion platform: Log in to the websites, stores, APPs recommended by various APP applications, such as Anzhi Market, Android Market, AppStore, Jifeng Market, 360 Market, etc.

2. Ranking optimization (commonly known as brushing the list)

For some major application platforms and stores, ranking optimization is carried out, just like search engine optimization. Different platforms have different ranking rules, so the optimization methods are also different.

There are the following 4 factors that affect the ranking:

(1) The number of downloads and installations of users

(2) App usage (number of opens, dwell time, retention rate), new apps, or just updated will have special weights, download status, number of comments and stars. APP title, vocabulary in keywords, and the matching degree with the user’s search keywords.

(3) Code delivery internal test: Hunger marketing. Before the software is officially launched, continue to build momentum and warm up to shape the image and value of the APP, and improve users’ expectations for the APP and their desire to download and use it. For example, only 1,000 internal beta codes will be issued and 1,000 people will be invited for internal testing.

(4) Offline pre-installation: Cooperate with other factory mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install the APP into the mobile phone.

3. Application of Internet open API: such as Tencent open API, 360 development platform, Baidu open API, etc., connect the APP to these open APIs, and directly attract a large number of users on these platforms.

4. Advertorial marketing: (1) Ask authoritative media to report on us. (2) Ask professional organizations or media to evaluate our products and write review drafts.

5. Free for a limited time: You can use the strategy of free for a limited time. There are many free platforms that can be used well, such as Joy, iAPPs, Apple Orchard, NetEase, etc.

6. Resource exchange: Our APP is itself a resource and a channel, so we can use the APP’s own resources to exchange resources with other APPs, media, platforms, etc. However, during the exchange process, you need to reserve some application recommendation spots, no matter where you are, but you must have them. This is a resource.

7. Online advertising: Choose some pay-per-effect Internet, mobile Internet advertising companies or alliances cooperate, such as placing CPA advertisements.

Among them, you can also consider embedding mobile games into marketing, and embedding corporate information, products, advertisements, etc. into mobile end games to achieve marketing purposes.

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