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Anti-aging methods for the face?

1 Estee Lauder Crystal Transparent White Moisturizing Cream

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Crystal Transparent White Cream has a formula to repel melanin, so that the dullness of the face can be effectively repaired, the skin returns to a state of uniform luster, and some fine lines and puffiness on the face will slowly disappear after long-term use. The overall skin appears more supple and full.

2 Xuanchi Snail Solution Repair Cream

Henan Yellow River Old Road is an important source of natural snail stock solution in the world. The temperature and humidity here are very suitable for the growth of snails. The raw materials are supplied to many big brands such as France, the United States, and South Korea. The snail stock solution is called the golden liquid of skin care products. This is a real natural snail stock solution cream. The effect of repairing and firming the skin, anti-aging and whitening is very good. Many friends said that after using it for a few months, the skin age has been reduced by several years. The skin has indeed been significantly improved, delicate, moisturizing and brightening. Many foreign netizens have posted this product on Twitter.

3 Kiehl’s High Moisturizing Cream

This high moisturizing cream is more suitable for winter. The moisturizing effect is really good, and the greasy feeling is not strong. If you feel greasy, you can add some toner or use less to solve it.

4Olay Apple Muscle Essence

This essence is a high-end essence product belonging to Olay’s family. It contains high-purity shipped artichoke essence ingredients, which can help our skin promote the production of collagen. Its texture is milky white, which is very mobile and will be very moisturized after applying to the face, but not greasy.

5 Shiseido Fresh and Revitalizing Coagulation Cream

Shiseido and Hafa University have jointly developed this product. This product uses neurosensing to more deeply activate muscle bottom cells, improve early aging symptoms, and gradually repair the dry, dull and loose condition of the skin, presenting a natural firming feeling.

6 Clarins Double Extract

Clarins Double Extract has a good reputation recently, both in terms of sense of use and effect. This one focuses on plant conditioning and preliminary antioxidants. Relatively speaking, a lot of antioxidant plant ingredients are used, and the texture is separated from water and oil. It is recommended to emulsify the upper face after squeezing it on the hands.

7 L’Oreal Jinzhi Zhenyan Truffle Day Cream

The new Jinzhi Zhenyan Cream focuses on nourishing the skin, suitable for people who need anti-aging. It has added precious truffle extracts, which can effectively smooth wrinkles, protect collagen regeneration, and return to delicate and smooth healthy skin.

8 Daike Small Purple Bottle Essence

As a dry skin, I personally like Daike’s moisturizing beauty solution. The basic anti-aging entry, the main focus is moisturizing, but there are also anti-aging ingredients, plant anti-aging, lecithin wraps the active substance, the absorption of plant extracts will be greatly enhanced, which can enhance cell metabolism and improve the skin.

Women are not afraid of old, but they will be maintained and not maintained. The age seems to be 20 years different. This is really not an exaggeration. Some women look very young when they take care of it. Some women look older because they have to work in life. I think women should take care of themselves and love themselves a little bit if they are not unable to eat.

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