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An app for pregnant women to check cosmetic ingredients?

Beauty practice can be said to be the favorite of the ingredient party. You can check the ingredient list of various cosmetics to see if facial cleanser contains soap base? Does lipstick eyeshadow contain heavy metals? Does skin care product contain alcohol? Just check it above to know.

skin care routine reminder app

You can take pictures to detect your skin type and help you check whether cosmetics and skin care products are suitable for you. You can also read everyone’s comments to really understand this skin care product or cosmetics. The ingredient list will mark whether it causes acne or has risky ingredients to help you distinguish.

If you want to inquire about cosmetics that can be used by pregnant women, you can directly search for special cosmetics for pregnant women on the search bar. Click on it to view and you can find that the searched products do not contain ingredients for pregnant women to use with caution.

Cosmetics Supervision “APP is officially released by the State Drug Administration. It provides an authoritative channel for cosmetic information inquiry with flexible inquiry methods. It has functions such as cosmetic product information and popular science information inquiry. It is the most official and authoritative APP in this regard.

The page of this APP is relatively simple. It mainly has several sections such as searching for products, searching for information, searching groups, and searching for regulations. There is a popular science column at the top, which will recommend some articles on skin care and makeup popular science.

All registered cosmetics can be checked on this APP to determine whether a product is irregular. You can see if you can find its filing information. You can also check whether the product information is qualified in the search information section? What are the recent unqualified products? Avoid stepping on thunder!

You look so good today APP This software is actually similar to beauty practice. You can detect your skin type by taking pictures and provide analysis, etc. It will also recommend skin care products that suit you according to your skin type, and can regularly record your skin condition.

Is there an app that specializes in providing beauty and skin care knowledge?

I think the True Self app should be more in line with your requirements!!!

First of all, there are selected articles, which have a lot of skin care knowledge. All kinds of dry goods are available.

Secondly, there is a community forum, where everyone can exchange skin care experiences and fashion matching. I think it is very good!

Cosmetic ingredients query Mini Program?

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