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Allergy-free skin care products?

Spring Rain Honey Moisturizing Water Milk

skin care routine without chemicals

A very safe hydrating water milk! 100% zero addition, no preservatives and any harmful chemicals to the human body. 87% of the water milk is honey stock solution, suitable for any type of skin, pregnant women can use it with confidence.

Deco Perilla Water

Love allergies, acne muscles must try this main antioxidant, calming and anti-inflammatory, hydrating, stabilizing skin, and strengthening skin bottom. Pure plant ingredients, soothing skin, wet compress can be assured

Skin care products that do not contain alcohol acids?

IPSA Flowing Gold Water does not contain alcohol

The texture of this water is very hydrated and easy to absorb. It has the functions of high moisturizing and brightening skin tone. It also contains ingredients that can promote metabolism, which can improve skin roughness and prevent pore blockage. This makeup water absorbs very fast, and has enough moisturizing strength. It is very mild. There is a very reassuring feeling after using a bottle. If you apply it wet, the skin will feel smooth and translucent the next day. It is a good thing for sensitive and dry skin, especially when it is over-used during the season. It is great.

Do you use it to wash your face after eating cream and skin care during the day?

No need.

There is no need to wash your face when you use up the cream. The cream is a kind of skin care products and is usually used in the last step of skin care. Women will apply products such as water milk essence during the skin care process. When applying, some nutrients have been absorbed by the skin, but a large part of the nutrients still stay on the surface of the skin and are not fully absorbed by the skin. At this time, applying the cream can lock the nutrients on the surface and slowly be absorbed by the skin, so there is no need to wash your face after the cream is used up.

I used a water milk cream during the day and waited until I removed my makeup at night to wash it off together, but I don’t need to wash my face after using a cream for skin care at night. The cream nourishes the skin. The genuine cream does not contain harmful chemicals and has the effect of locking water and locking nutrients. If I wash my face after using the cream, I will wash off all the nutrients that have been retained. In this way, skin care is useless. It not only fails to protect the skin, but also backfires. Therefore, I don’t need to wash my face after applying the cream, but also massage the facial skin to help the skin absorb nutrients.

Can I use skin care products during acne treatment?

During acne treatment, it is OK to use appropriate skin care products, but you need to choose the appropriate products and use them with caution. Here are some suggestions:

1. Choose non-irritating products: Choose mild, non-irritating ingredients for skin care products, and avoid products containing irritating ingredients such as alcohol, fragrances, artificial colors, etc. These ingredients may cause skin allergies or aggravate acne problems.

2. Gentle cleansing: Use mild cleansing products to clean the skin and avoid excessive degreasing or irritating the skin. Choose oil-free cleansing products and avoid using tools such as acne brushes, scrubs, etc. that can cause friction.

3. Hydrating and Moisturizing: Even if the skin has acne, it is necessary to maintain enough moisture. Choose light and thin water-based moisturizing products to help maintain the skin’s water and oil balance. Avoid using cream-like products with heavier oil and higher nutrition to avoid clogging pores.

4. Avoid clogging pores: Avoid using greasy or pore-clogging cosmetics, such as heavy foundation, concealer, etc. Choose products with light texture or use a concealer pen for local coverage.

5. Avoid irritating treatments: During acne treatment, avoid excessively irritating skin care treatments, such as dermabrasion, chemical peeling, etc. These treatments may aggravate skin sensitivity and inflammatory reactions.

Please note that everyone’s skin condition and adaptability to skin care products are different. If you have special circumstances or concerns, it is recommended to consult a professional dermatologist or beautician to provide more accurate advice according to your specific situation.

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