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After the Korean genuine product, how to use the skin care set, the weather Dan Hua Hyun six-piece set?

The manual has the order of use, unless it is counterfeit

body skin care routine korean

How do Koreans take care of their skin?

Basic water milk essence face cream eye cream, sun protection awareness is relatively strong, when you go out in summer, the old lady, Azuma will make a parasol, and you will basically apply BB and lipstick when you go out, which may be a little stronger than the domestic skin care awareness

Young boys will use BB cream and sun protection. This is still a bit advanced

How to use the dpc beauty instrument correctly?

How to use the dpc beauty instrument

After cleansing the face, apply a cream or massage cream to the face, and use the PH placenta massage cream for the massage cream. A large can of 300g is enough to use the ancient, or you can use the customary cream or essence at ordinary times. No additional investment is required at all, but the sound of the instrument is too loud and the workmanship is relatively rough, so it is not recommended for you to enter

The disadvantage is that the vibration sound is too loud, minus points, and the head is too large, which is not flexible enough to use, and it is inconvenient

The operation process of the dpc beauty instrument

The customer service also told me before the machine was used. I read the instructions carefully again, so the overall feeling Operation is simple. There are only 2 buttons in total, one power button and one warm button. Use the power button to adjust the face and body modes and the first and second gears in different modes. The machine will work as soon as you get started.

You need to apply a cream to your face before using the machine. This cream is not a matching gel, it is your own cream. Long press of the power button is the switch, short press is the selection mode, you can adjust whether it is your face or your body. When you turn it on, the default gear is FACE blue light.

When using, it is best to start with 1st gear first, so that the skin can adapt and then gradually raise the gear. No matter how good the machine is, it also needs the cooperation of people, so the massage technique is also very important. Remember the password “from the inside out, from the bottom up”.

Skin care products with

Because it does not have a fixed gel, you can use your own skin care products, but choosing skin care products is not casual, otherwise the effect will definitely be unsatisfactory. For example, if you want to take care of your eyes, improve wrinkles, fat particles, dark circles and tear furrows, etc., but the effect of using cream is not so fast. Use eye cream, so that you can “get twice the result with half the effort”. The same is true for other parts.

DPC beauty instrument

DPC adopts a small iron design, which instantly has a feeling of smoothing your skin. The fuselage is not large, and there is a placement rack, which will not take up space. The small handle is very safe to hold, and it is very comfortable when operating on the face.

DPC is divided into two modes, Face and Body. Naturally, it is a beauty instrument that can be used on both the face and the body~

How to use the dpc beauty instrument? How to charge the dpc beauty instrument

Face mode has two gears:

The first gear is about 1250 microamps

The second gear is about 1590 microamps

How to use the dpc beauty instrument? How to charge the dpc beauty instrument

Body mode also has two gears,

The first gear is about 1590 microamps

The second gear has actually reached 1920 microamps

42 ° C constant temperature

The unique 42-degree constant temperature of the dpc beauty instrument can produce the same effect as HSP protein, which can strongly protect cells, inhibit collagen decomposition, and at the same time help produce collagen, effectively preventing wrinkles. The more user-friendly place designed by dpc is the small triangle of the iron head, which is used in the position of nasolabial folds just right. According to the beauty instrument massage eight-character password emphasized by the stars 10086 times, massage from the bottom up, massage from the inside out, once a day in the morning and evening. The most obvious change is that after 1 minute of massage, the fine lines are obviously reduced, and the subsequent makeup is not stuck in powder. Super power get

LED red light function

There is also LED red light at the tail of the dpc small iron. The red light is mainly to remove yellow and brighten the skin tone. Use it in the morning and evening, and the skin is indeed much brighter! Especially take 5 minutes to lift it before applying makeup in the morning, and the whole person’s complexion will come up~

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