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After 11 o’clock in the evening, skin care is more effective. Is there any scientific basis for this statement?

In fact, there is no fixed time for skin care. It is not necessary to be more effective after 11 o’clock, but it is easier for the skin to absorb at night. In terms of skin care, as long as the product is used correctly, there is no fixed attention on the time. As long as you choose a better brand, there is no excessive alcohol in it, which is good for the skin. If the girl wears makeup, you must remove makeup well at night, remove makeup more thoroughly, and add good skin care, your skin will get better and better. In terms of skin care, apply hot water to the face at night and then take care of the skin so that the skin is easier to absorb. The principle is thermal expansion and contraction. You don’t need too hot hot water. Just warm water is enough to open the pores on the face, which makes it easier to absorb skin care products. Or when applying a mask, you should first apply a hot towel to the face for a while to open the pores. The mask will be easier to absorb, so you won’t waste your expensive skin care products. In terms of skin care, girls can exfoliate their skin every month. They must apply skin care products well every night. Don’t be afraid to avoid the trouble and try them out. When choosing skin care products, girls must carefully check the additives of this brand. The additives in it should not be too much. Alcohol is very harmful to the skin, so they must choose skin care products with low alcohol content, which will reduce the damage to the face a lot. When it comes to skin care, don’t use too many skin care products, and try them blindly. The more things you put on your face, the heavier the burden on your face will be, so that your skin won’t get a good breath, which will cause a lot of acne. Therefore, when purchasing skin care products, you must know your skin condition before this, whether it is oily, neutral or dry skin, so as to better choose skin care products that suit your own skin.

why is your night time skin care routine is important

Why do you need skin care before going to bed?

Many women know that before going to bed at night, you should wash off the heavy makeup you wear during the day. Because after a person falls asleep, the skin of the whole body will relax, including the skin pores on the face will open. Therefore, it is a good habit to wash off oily and dense daily cosmetics before going to bed, which can help the facial skin breathe oxygen “to the fullest”.

However, when people sleep, the melanin under the skin will quickly precipitate “quietly”, and over time, freckles and dark spots will form on the face. Although this is a very common physiological phenomenon, is there any way to improve it?

In fact, according to the physiological changes of human skin at night, taking targeted skin care methods can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Some skin care and beauty experts have developed a class of beauty products called special effect vitamin C. One of its main ingredients, vitamin C, has the function of resisting the formation of free radicals in the skin, thus limiting the formation of freckles. This special effect vitamin C beauty product also contains special keratinase c, which not only prevents the keratinization of the skin surface and promotes the metabolism of skin cells, but also inhibits the formation of melanin during human sleep, keeping the skin fair.

In addition, after washing before going to bed, although some dust impurities and oily cosmetics that block the pores of the skin during the day have been removed, the facial skin may not be able to breathe fully. This is because during sleep, the aging stratum corneum and aging cells on the surface of the skin are still formed, which affects the normal respiration of pores. The keratinase in the special effect vitamin C can dissolve and remove the aging cells and stratum corneum that block pores, dredge pores, and help the skin “breathe”, so as to ensure the health of the skin and “rest”.

How to take care of the skin before going to bed at night? Skin care before going to bed is very important. It is best to keep the skin clean and dry before going to bed. This can effectively prevent the premature phenomenon of the skin to a certain extent, avoid the burden of skin metabolism, and is also good for people’s health. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of symptoms such as acne or acne.

Do not dry your face after washing before going to bed, which may cause dehydration of the skin, and may also affect people’s health, which may lead to skin aging or dryness. In the dry season of winter weather, it is best to use a humidifier when sleeping.

It is better for a person to massage the skin before going to bed, which can effectively prevent the lymphatic aspect from becoming sacred. Massage of the lymphatic part can effectively promote the detoxification and beauty of the skin. It can not only play a certain role in beauty, but also play a role in weight loss and fat burning.

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