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Add mainly refers to the use of addition operations in arithmetic to find the sum of a series of numbers or quantities. In a broad sense, it refers to “adding” or “adding” one thing to another to “increase” the weight, size, total amount or importance of the original thing. Add can also mean “continue to say” and “also say”.

Add is not used as an intransitive verb in many cases. When used as a transitive verb, the object can be a number; it can also be a tangible thing, such as sugar, water, etc.; it can also be an intangible thing, such as trouble.

The basic usage of add when used as a transitive verb is addsthtosth or addsth, and addsth can be seen as omitting tosth, which is mainly used in the appropriate context, especially when both sides of the speaker are clear about tosth.

Difference between add and addto

1. Add is used as a transitive verb to mean add; to increase, often used with the preposition to, i.e. add… to…, add… to…; to… add… for example:

Ifyouadd4to6, youget10. 4 plus 6 equals 10.

Addsomehotwaterifyouthinkthecoffeeismuchtoostrong. If you think the coffee is too strong, add some hot water.

2. Add as an intransitive verb to add, that is, to speak again; to continue. For example:

Motheraddedthatwemustgetbackassoonaspossible. Mom then said we must come back as soon as possible.

3. addto (add as an intransitive verb) means to increase; add, where to is a preposition followed by a noun or pronoun. Sometimes it can also be used to mean an extension (of a house) or a continuation (of a book), etc. For example:

Thesoldierswereextremelytiredandtheheavyrainaddedtotheirdifficulty. The soldiers were tired, and the heavy rain added to their difficulties.

Thisoldhousehasbeenaddedtofromtimetotime. This old house has been expanded again and again.

Hasthatbookofhisbeenaddedtolater? Was his book renewed later?

Add, whether it is a transitive verb (add) or an intransitive verb (addto), has the meaning of “increase, add”, but the content added by addto seems much more abstract (such as “beauty” and “difficulty” in the example sentence), which makes people feel slightly emotional rather than purely adding something concrete (such as water in the example sentence).

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