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Ace Racing Auxiliary with what empower?

In the game of “Ace Racing”, the empower selection of auxiliary characters needs to be selected according to the needs of the team and their own positioning. Here are some common empower suggestions:

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1. Team gain: such as “energy recovery”, “damage boost” and other empowers, which can enhance the strength of the entire team.

2. Control effects: such as “slow down”, “stun” and other empowers, which can help teammates better control the enemy.

3. Survival ability: such as “life recovery”, “shield” and other empowers, which can improve the survival ability of auxiliary characters and enable them to better protect teammates.

4. Support effect: such as “healing”, “acceleration” and other empowers, which can provide additional support for teammates.

5. Special skills: such as “stealth”, “flash” and other empowers, which can allow auxiliary characters to play a greater role in critical moments.

Please note that the above are just some common empower suggestions. The specific choice also needs to be decided according to the actual situation of the game and the needs of the team.

The chip configuration of the ace racing cicada?

The chip of the ace racing cicada Since Zen is often in the leading position to maximize the effect of stunts, the recommended chip combination is as follows: Extreme speed first system soul group entry turbo burst start propulsion. The core goal of the chip is to keep Zen in the lead throughout the track, and it will also increase the gain brought by the auxiliary car.

How to pass the third level of the hot car?

To pass the third level of the hot car, you can try the following strategies: 1. Familiarize yourself with the track: Before starting the challenge, familiarize yourself with the terrain and route of the track. Pay attention to remember the position and inclination angle of each corner in order to better grasp the operation of the vehicle. 2. Control the speed: When the car is cornering, slow down the speed to maintain stability. Avoid turning too quickly, otherwise it may cause the vehicle to lose control. 3. Use acceleration props: There will be some acceleration props on the track, use them to increase your speed in order to overtake the opponent or catch up with the leader at critical moments. 4. Avoid collisions: Try to avoid collisions with other vehicles, because collisions may slow down your speed and lose valuable time. 5. Observe the opponent: Pay attention to the vehicles in front and behind, and develop an appropriate strategy according to the speed and position of the opponent’s car. If there is an opportunity to overtake the opponent, seize the opportunity and complete the overtaking quickly. 6. Improve the performance of the car: If possible, you can try to upgrade the performance of the car, such as increasing acceleration, braking force or handling. This can improve your competitiveness in the game. 7. Try multiple times: If you fail to complete the level successfully once, don’t be discouraged. Try multiple times, master better strategies and skills, and you will definitely be able to clear the level. Remember, Hot Racing is a game that requires patience and skill. Practice more and try different strategies. I believe you can successfully clear the third level!

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