Weight management

A tool for weighing cats?

A cat scale is a tool used to measure a cat’s weight and can help you understand the cat’s weight changes and health status. Here are several common tools for weighing cats:

weight management tools

1. Digital electronic scales: Digital electronic scales are one of the most commonly used cat scale tools. They usually have a platform on which you can place your cat for weighing. Digital electronic scales generally have higher precision and are able to provide accurate weight readings.

2. Mechanical scales: Mechanical scales are a traditional cat scale tool that has a pointer or dial to display a cat’s weight. Mechanical scales are usually more durable, but may need to be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy.

3. Cat scales in veterinary clinics: Specialist veterinary clinics are usually equipped with accurate cat scales. The veterinarian can measure the cat’s weight when performing a physical examination according to actual needs. If you want the most accurate weight data, you can take the cat to a professional veterinary clinic for weighing.

There are a few points to note when using cat scales:

– Make sure the cat is standing on a smooth surface for weighing to ensure accuracy.

– Try to weigh the cat when it is relatively quiet, not nervous or anxious, such as when they are relaxed or after eating.

– When using the electronic scale, make sure that the battery is sufficient or the power supply is well connected to avoid errors and inaccurate readings.

By regularly measuring the weight of the cat, you can track their growth and health. If you have any concerns about the weight of the cat, it is recommended to consult the veterinarian for further advice and guidance.

keepapp How to set the kilogram to catty?

Click on the weight record and enter

Click here to switch at will.

Is the software for measuring weight really accurate?


Inaccurate, the weight measured by the B-ultrasound is calculated according to the software, and it is still different from the actual weight after birth, but it is not large;


A colleague checked before giving birth, and the measured was almost 4.5 kilograms, but the actual birth was only more than 3.5 kilograms;


The weight calculated by the software test is only an approximate, for reference only;

If you really want to know the weight of the baby, you need to go to the hospital for an ultrasound

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