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A must-have for basic skin care?

If you want to take care of your skin, you need a gentle facial cleanser, skin care water, lotion, cleansing mask, sunscreen, etc. You can use warm water to cleanse your face in the morning, and a facial cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your face in the evening.

what are must haves for skin care routine

Which kinds must be used for skin care?

1. Water: The skin needs water to replenish and care for. In this way, we can play q.

2. Lotion: If there is only hydration and no moisturization, the moisture will evaporate in the air, and the original moisture and nutrients of the skin will be lost. So lotion is a must.

3. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is very important. Now there are more and more sunscreen products, and almost every product contains some sunscreen ingredients. But it is still necessary to use sunscreen alone.

4. Eye Essence: Once in the morning and once in the evening, it can prevent dark circles and delay eye aging. Generally speaking, eye aging is a very obvious feature.

5. Night Cream: It can effectively moisturize the skin and give the skin space and nutrients to breathe at night.

6. Makeup Remover: When necessary, it is best to clean the face with makeup remover to prevent things from precipitating and blocking pores.

What are the skin care products?

Skin care products include facial cleanser, toner, plain cream, mask, lotion, face cream, eye cream, essence, isolation, sunscreen;

Facial cleanser: Washing the face is very important, makeup removal is also very important, facial cleanser is off the dirt on the face;

Toner: It is the secondary cleaning and skin repair after makeup removal. It is recommended to choose a formula that does not contain alcohol and has high water content, which can fully moisturize and adjust the state of the skin;

Plain cream: It is a kind of skin care products with toning function, which can improve the moisturizing effect of the skin after applying. In addition, it also has the concealer function of base makeup;

Mask: It is a beauty and skin care product applied to the face to replenish moisture for the skin;

Lotion: It is a liquid cream cosmetic, which has a good emollient effect and a moisturizing effect;

Cream: It is the most important step in basic skin care. The ingredients in the cream can be well absorbed by the skin and can also moisturize the skin. Moisturizing effect;

Eye cream: For the lack of nutrients for the eye skin, it is easy to produce wrinkles, so there is an eye cream;

Essence: It has a higher nutritional content than ordinary makeup water, which can relieve tight dry skin. In addition, Serum is usually non-alcoholic and does not irritate the skin. It helps to balance the pH value of the skin, maintain the natural balance of the skin, restore the skin to a supple state, and better absorb subsequent skin care products;

Isolation cream: It is an important skin care product to protect the skin. The protective agent has an isolation effect on ultraviolet rays. It is essentially a sunscreen. The sunscreen used in the protective agent is the same as the sunscreen. It is usually divided into two categories: organic sunscreen and physical sunscreen.

Sunscreen: refers to cosmetics with sunscreen added, which can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent skin tanning and sunburn. According to the principle of sunscreen, sunscreen can be divided into physical and chemical.

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